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Start Creating A Confident And Focused Life

  • Why You Need To Leave Your Negative Friends Behind

    The only way to move forward in life is to leave your negative friends behind.

    Negative friends will ruin your life. It’s not a question of if they will ruin your life, it’s a question of when. Science shows that negative people have a drastic impact on your physical, mental, and financial wellbeing. The only way to protect yourself against this is to start being very deliberate with who you let into your life.

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  • 5 Ways Happy People Ruthlessly Simplify Their Lives

    Unhappiness is caused by weak choices.

    Too many people make soft decisions when it comes to accepting things into their lives. These people let anyone and anything in. Don’t do this. Instead, make shrewd decisions. Get very deliberate with who and what you let into your life. Hack away at the non-essentials, especially the non-essentials that make you miserable. Your happiness is at stake. You must ruthlessly protect it. Here’s how.

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  • 7 Signs You’re Slowly Turning Into A Coward (Is #5 Too Harsh?)

    Most people don’t realize they’re turning into a coward until it’s too late.

    The only way to keep from becoming a coward is pay attention to how your thoughts and actions are changing over time. By default, human beings become more cautious and stop taking risks as they get older. They learn to be helpless. Don’t let this happen. Instead, pay attention to any signs telling you that you’re turning into a coward. Here are 7 signs you’re becoming cowardly.

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  • 10 Toxic People To Say “No” To

    You’ll never achieve great things in life if you keep saying yes to toxic people.

    If you want to accomplish big things this year, you have to start saying no more. You have to start challenging the illusionary control that other people think they have over you. The best strategy is to break the illusion before it gets started. This means saying no to negative and controlling people as soon as they show you their real colors. Here are 10 people to start saying no to.

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Contribute massively, build strong relationships and live like a lion.

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    Kelly Hitchens

    I reached a point in my life where I was feeling really stuck. My confidence was down and I was completely unfocused. I'm sure a lot of people feel like this at one time or another and I'm sure most don't do anything about it. I spent a lot of time wishing and hoping for things to change but they never did. So after a lot of thinking, I decided to take action. That's when I joined the Escape Plan. I was immediately impressed with how motivating and inspiring the program was. It was the trigger I needed to set me on the right path. Life is so much better when you know who you are and where you're going. If you don't know these things, join this program now. The Escape Plan will focus your life, help you build your network, and show you how to make purpose-driven income. It's definitely worth the money so take action and get unstuck now.  Read More

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    Michael Ferrarella
    Editor at STV Incorporated

    I'm an employee and a new entrepreneur. I still have a job but love entrepreneurship and wanted to learn how to focus my business ideas and grow my network. I also wanted to make more money and start becoming financially independent. That's why I joined the Escape Plan and man--did this program deliver! The thing that I enjoyed most about the Plan is the support system. The exclusive group delivered great content to me daily and gave me a chance to network with other people who were refocusing their lives and growing their businesses. Most importantly, Isaiah knows his stuff and doesn't act all self-important. When you join the Escape Plan, you will learn actual, tangible steps to set your career, business ideas and life into motion. You will also get strong support from other people who are working on their goals. I cannot say enough good things about the people in this group. They are amazing and are constantly helping me in every aspect of my life. Read More

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    Daren Peh
    Hospitality Manager at Marina Bay Sands

    I work hard for my money and  like to do things on my own. I don't usually participate in online programs either. It seems like most programs are just thrown together to help some self-diluted person or company get rich quick. The Escape Plan was different. I'm really glad I took a chance and joined the program because it changed my life. Before I started the Escape Plan, I felt worthless. I felt like I was just working at my job doing the same thing over and over. I didn't have any goals, I didn't have any focus, and I didn't have any confidence. The Escape Plan showed me that I wasn't worthless, I just lacked direction. I just needed the right kind of motivation. The Escape Plan showed me how to make something useful of my life without having to give up anything. I was able to get focused and make a plan for bettering my life without having to quit my job. I recommend this program to any employee who feels stuck and wants to start moving forward again. Read More

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    Prateek Nath
    Engineer at Bose Corporation

    Let me just talk straight to you--I'm a corporate employee with young kids and a wife who also works full-time, and I don't have time for nonsense. I don't like to mess around with online products that offer the moon. This is why I was extremely hesitant to join the Escape Plan. I had come to a point in my life where I was feeling stuck. I like straight forward and meaningful blog posts of Isaiah and I decided to take a chance on the Escape Plan. I trusted Isaiah's reputation. I was very glad I joined. The program showed me how to set better goals for my life, how to find my purpose, how to align my life with my purpose, and how to thrive. I'm thriving, I'm connected, and I'm really excited for the future that I'm making for myself. Read More

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    Dan Olexa
    Professional Diving Instructor, Skin N Suba

    At 48, I was beginning to feel that my life was pretty much written. Unfortunately, I wasn't happy with the way the story was progressing. My job of seven years was stressful and unrewarding, I was recently divorced and was unsure how to create the life that I wanted. Thankfully, I discovered The Escape Plan. Since starting the Plan I have developed the courage to leave the stressful job, discovered the self-confidence to believe in myself and stop dwelling on the negative and stressful emotional remnants of my divorce, and stopped beating myself up for not being the person I dreamt of being. I've found the tools and strength to manifest that person. The Escape Plan gave me a detailed, step-by-step map to actualizing the life I've always wanted. As a result, I just began a new career that I'm passionate about and that allows me to help others. Life couldn't be better. Read More