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  • How To Cut Controlling People Out Of Your Life Forever

    No one can control you without your consent.

    If you’re being controlled by other people, it’s your fault. It’s your fault because you’ve allowed yourself to become either dependent or codependent in a relationship. The best way to stay out of these relationships is by refusing to give other people control over your life. Here are 12 steps that will help you cut controlling people out of your life and be less dependent on others.

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  • 10 Secret To Success Myths You Should Forget

    Sometimes success is misery in disguise.

    Don’t chase something that will make you miserable if you catch it. Most people only have a rough idea of what they want. Sure, they know they want success—they know they want more money and more recognition—but that’s all they know. They don’t know how much money they want or why. They don’t know what kind of recognition they want or if it will last. They just have a hazy idea of something better. As a result, these people spend their lives chasing things that they don’t even want.

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  • How To Stop Being A Weak And Vulnerable Man—15 Strategies

    Being a man is simple. It’s instinctual.

    As a man, your instinct is to understand the world you live in and shape it in the image of your highest values. The problem is that most men have killed this instinct. Instead of seeking to understand, these men tune out. Instead of shaping the world, these men sit on their hands and do nothing. As a result, they become helpless and useless. The only way to keep (or regain) your manhood is to consistently acquire knowledge and to use it to take effective action.

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  • 10 Difficult People You Should Never Tolerate (And 7 You Should)

    Your life is an exclusive event.

    The single most important decision you make in life is who you will allow into it. If you don’t actively decide to surround yourself with, other people will make the decision for you. You can either fight to be around positive people who challenge you to be a better person, or you can sit back and be suffocated by negative people who will stop at nothing to suck you dry.

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Contribute massively, build strong relationships and live like a lion.

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    Ameer Rosic
    Host of the Optimal Health Show; Registered Nutritionist

    Isaiah is the real deal when it comes to combining science and entrepreneurship. As an entrepreneur myself, I found Isaiah's advice extremely motivating and very actionable. In fact, he's personally helped one of my company increase our profits 4 fold. I hardly ever write testimonials but these results were amazing. In todays day and age, you can't trust a lot of people. Everyone is claiming to be some kind of expert but most are just quacks. Isaiah's different. He's a legit scientist. The truth is I ONLY trust maybe 1-2 people with my company's future. Isaiah is one them. If you're looking to create a strong vision for your business, whether it's big or small, Isaiah's your guy. He will show you how to take back market share and move forward quickly and credibly. Isaiah's system put me 5 years ahead. I don't want to think about where we'd be without him. Read More

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    Luis Richy Gutierrez
    Snap Fitness

    Scientist. Psychologist. Motivational Speaker. This is how I would describe Dr. Isaiah Hankel. I've followed Isaiah's work for some time and I continue to be inspired by him in both my professional and personal lives. His unique perspective on things has positively influenced both my thinking and behavior. This is because Isaiah's content is highly actionable. I'm always eager to test out the topics that he discusses. In short, Isaiah is empowering. He brings a fresh, new kind of energy to the table. Everything he writes is straight-forward and powerful, while also being authentic and relatable. This makes Isaiah and his work stand out from the noise and the nonsense. Read More

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    Diego Correa
    Diego Correa Interior Design

    I have read some books about business development, self-awareness, and overall personal growth in the past but nothing like Isaiah's book Black Hole Focus. Isaiah's book stood out to me because in just the first few pages he was able to show me where and how I could improve my life. I was surprised by the level of clarity I gained in such a short amount of time. The science and personal stories really helped me understand myself better. I was suddenly able to understand why I do the things that I do and, importantly, how to change. Isaiah's book went beyond theory and gave me an actual method that I could use to get ahead and get what I want out of life. If you like Isaiah's blog articles, you will definitely like his book, and visa versa. Read More

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    Dora Farkas, Ph.D.
    Author And Career Coach

    Isaiah is a fountain of knowledge when it comes to online marketing and recruiting the best talent to support the growth of a business or launching a new product. His entrepreneurial spirit and passion for helping others has been truly inspiring for me and my business. Since joining the community I have experienced an incredible boost in the development of my online product for graduate students, as well as an increase in web traffic and subscriber list. I highly recommend Isaiah and his consulting services for anyone who wants to turn their dreams into reality, whether they want to start a new business, achieve better work life balance, contribute to their community or have more meaning and purpose in their personal or professional lives. Read More

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    Christine Knapp
    Divi Carina Bay Resort

    I recently read Isaiah's book Black Hole Focus: How Intelligent People Can Create a Powerful Purpose for Their Lives. I was very taken by his words and clear drive in life. Reading his book was very eye opening to me, I literally couldn't put it down. I'm continually going back and rereading sections of his book and browsing his blog. Isaiah has helped me get the wake up nudge that I needed to see my life vision and to start making it happen. I've been very motivated to make something happen for myself and I love feeling this way. I can see now that there is a lot I can do to start helping people and making a bigger and bigger difference in the world. My goal is to add value to other people's lives while also fulfilling a great purpose for my life and the lives of my children. I feel excited and ready to take on anything. I'm so grateful to know Isaiah and to feel this great empowerment he has instilled in me. Read More