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Stop Feeling Stuck In Life
Get Confident And Get Focused

  • Two Signs You’ll Always Be Average (Skip #1 If You’re Sensitive)

    The busier you are, the more average you become.

    There’s a right way and a wrong way to live. Feeling constantly rushed and weighed down by other people’s demands and expectations is the wrong way to live. No one ever sat on their deathbed wishing they would have been busier doing things that didn’t really matter. The only way to rise above mediocrity is to stop being busy and to stop letting others boss you around. Here’s why.

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  • How I Broke President Obama’s Facebook World Record

    Virality is what happens when you finally align your purpose with your audience.

    “What’s your purpose?” and “Who’s your audience?” Ask yourself these two questions over and over and over again before creating any piece of content. Otherwise, you’re just wasting time. Once you know your purpose and you know who your audience is, you can start to try out different ways of communicating your purpose to your audience. Here are 7 keys to creating viral content.

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  • 10 Strategies For Eliminating Manipulative People From Your Life

    Manipulative people are those who disguise their interests as your interests.

    The problem is that once you let manipulative people in your life, they can be extremely hard to get rid of. The key is having enough confidence in yourself to give manipulative people the boot as soon as you spot them. Here are 10 strategies for eliminating manipulative people from your life.

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  • 10 Laws Of Self-Reliance Needy People Hate

    Depend on yourself, not others.

    The key to self-reliance is learning how to achieve your goals and be happy without other people’s consent or permission. This is more difficult than it sounds. Self-reliant people follow a code. They follow a set of laws that keep them from becoming dependent and needy. These 10 laws are the foundation on which independent lives can be built on.

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Contribute massively, build strong relationships and live like a lion.

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    Lewis Howes
    Former Professional Football Player, World Record Holding Athlete, and Host of The School of Greatness

    Black Hole Focus is a wake up call for anyone who feels stuck, distracted, or lost in their own life. Isaiah lays out very actionable steps for taking control of your future and setting yourself up for certain victory. This will show you how to think like an entrepreneur and develop the mindset necessary for achieving your biggest dreams.     Read More

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    James Gould, Ph.D.
    Director; Harvard Medical School Office for Postdoctoral Fellows

    Isaiah demonstrates a powerful lesson, that we are all masters of our own destiny. His book provides practical and, more importantly, actionable advice on how to reach our most important goals while consistently achieving lifelong career and personal satisfaction.     Read More

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    Dr. Gina Loudon
    Fox News Contributor and Syndicated Host of SmartLife

    Black Hole Focus is your road map to transformation in ways most have never even dared to dream. If you want to go from merely living a life to becoming the hero in your own adventure, start here. Hankel’s words jump off the page, swat you on the backside, pierce your heart, and take you on a ride into a magical journey of your own design! Brilliant in its brunt, dazzling in its denouement, triumphant in its precision, this is one of the most important books you will ever read.   Read More

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    Michael “Maverick” Chiesa
    Mixed Martial Artist and UFC TUF Champion

    In fighting and in life, focus is what separates winners from losers. Focus is what helped me win the UFC TUF Championship. Any successful mixed martial artist will tell you that seeing yourself as a champion is the first step to becoming a champion. You have to start with a vision. You have to start at the end. That’s why I love Isaiah's book, because it tells you to start at the end and work backwards. Black Hole Focus is an amazing read because it helps people create a vision for their lives and then it shows them how to achieve their vision. Isaiah makes you see yourself at the top of the podium and then it gives you a detailed training plan to help you get there.   Read More

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    A.J. Jacobs
    Author of Four New York Times Bestselling Books; Editor at Large, Esquire Magazine

    Isaiah Hankel has written an absurdly motivating book. In fact, it’s so motivational, I was constantly tempted to put the book down and start getting things done using Hankel’s strategies. It was put-downable in the best possible way. But I always came back for more of Isaiah Hankel’s wisdom—and the wisdom he distills from Einstein, Ben Franklin and even The Shawshank Redemption.     Read More