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  • 12 Tricks Confident People Use To Overcome Impostor Syndrome

    Everyone is almost a better version of themselves.

    In graduate school I kept waiting for someone to tap on my shoulder and say, “Dude, you don’t belong here.” I imagined coming back to my desk one day to find an ominous note that read, “We know. – signed Everyone.”

    For some reason I had this weird sense that sooner or later people were going to find out that I had no idea what I was doing. They were going to find out…

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  • The 8 People Who Will Improve Your Life (And The 8 Who Will Destroy It)

    The best way to predict the future is to pick your friends.

    A few months into my first year of graduate school I dropped a test tube full of millions of mouse spermatozoa that I had just spent the last 8 hours prepping for a big experiment. The tube broke and the cells splattered all over the place. This was a pretty big deal because…

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  • 10 Ways Intelligent People Get Revenge

    Intelligent people use revenge as a tool.

    I used to dream about putting blue dye in my graduate school advisor’s shampoo. He had a big thing for his hair and I thought this would be the best way for me to get revenge on him for not letting me graduate. Of course this was pure fantasy and thinking about it was childish, but it did make me feel better. The ironic thing was…

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    John Denney
    William Mitchell College of Law

    As an academic and former wrestler, I relate to Dr. Hankel's writing on a fundamental level. His science based insights on the human experience have been fantastic brain food for me as I make my way through law school. Recently, I posted Isaiah's 120 Things Wrestling Taught Me About Business Success article on my desktop so I can refer to it quickly when I need motivation. Isaiah's articles provide a fantastic reminder of the kind of professional I strive to be, and how to maintain the proper frame of mind to realize my goals. I will continue reading his articles and supporting him as his work finds an ever-growing audience. Isaiah swings for the fence and that's something I can certainly get behind. Read More

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    Shang Mu, Ph.D.
    MIT School Of Engineering

    I met Isaiah after he gave a talk at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. I'm really glad that I went to his seminar because I learned a lot of very useful information. Isaiah is very motivational and he provided numerous insights that were both scientific and strategic. Most importantly, everything that he presented was practical and highly actionable. One of my favorite things about Isaiah is that he is not shy of telling personal stories. These stories made his content more relatable and helped me see how I could achieve my own goals. I recently left behind a very well paid position in industry where I lead an elite team. I left to return to academia and Isaiah's talk was exactly what I needed to keep myself on track. I'm grateful for his enthusiastic reminder of the great options I have and the great experiences I have ahead of me. Read More

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    Katherine Mirica, Ph.D.
    MIT Department Of Chemistry

    Isaiah Hankel’s seminar “Of Science and Strategy: Setting Goals for Research and Life” was a career-focused seminar that every Ph.D. student and postdoc in science should attend. The seminar was extremely engaging, insightful, and thoughtful. It completely transformed my way of thinking about my scientific career.  Everything Isaiah said was packed full of strategic, relevant, and highly actionable advice. I was able to immediately start implementing what I learned to further my career. Isaiah’s advice, however, was not based on quick-fixes or band-aid style self-help.  Instead, his advice was closely connected to finding one’s purpose, and taking genuine, scientific, and proactive steps to pursue it.  I found Isaiah’s talk extremely refreshing and inspiring, and have been following his blog ever since. Isaiah’s seminars and articles should really be an integral part of all scientific training, just like general chemistry or introductory physics! Read More

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    Ameer Rosic
    Host of the Optimal Health Show; Registered Nutritionist

    Isaiah is the real deal when it comes to combining science and entrepreneurship. As an entrepreneur myself, I found Isaiah's advice extremely motivating and very actionable. In fact, he's personally helped one of my company increase our profits 4 fold. I hardly ever write testimonials but these results were amazing. In todays day and age, you can't trust a lot of people. Everyone is claiming to be some kind of expert but most are just quacks. Isaiah's different. He's a legit scientist. The truth is I ONLY trust maybe 1-2 people with my company's future. Isaiah is one them. If you're looking to create a strong vision for your business, whether it's big or small, Isaiah's your guy. He will show you how to take back market share and move forward quickly and credibly. Isaiah's system put me 5 years ahead. I don't want to think about where we'd be without him. Read More