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What To Do When Bad Things Happen To You

How do you handle negative events?

Do you face them head on like an adult?

Or, do you curl up in a ball and whine like a baby?

Do you wilt like a flower and do nothing for 7 days until you feel better?

Do you lash out and verbally destroy someone at home until you feel better?

What do you do?  

Negative events happen to everyone.

You may not be responsible for the negative event, but you are responsible for how you handle it.

Here are three strong strategies for dealing with negative events…

1. Face the obstacle head on.

When something negative happens, sit with it.

Own it.

Dominate it.

Pain is a very powerful motivator and if you’re not using it to your advantage, you’re missing out.

As soon as your mind feels pain from a negative event, whether it’s physical or emotional, it will take action to relieve it.

There are only two ways to relieve pain, evasion or transformation.

Evasion is what most people do.

They evade reality by distracting themselves with gossip, meaningless drama, and useless information.

Or, they drink, smoke, and eat themselves into a stupor every night and watch the same movies and TV shows over and over again.

Transformation, on the other hand, is the process of using that pain as motivation to reap more benefits faster. Positive transformation is the only way to use pain to your advantage.

2. Take responsibility for your own problems.

You’re not responsible for the negative event happening, but you are responsible for how you handle it.

Stop thinking that bad things only happen to you.

Stop thinking that bad things should never happen to you.

The truth is bad things happen to everyone and bad things are supposed to happen to you.

You’re being tested for a reason.

Adversity is the fastest way to grow.

It’s the shortest distance between the life you want in the future and the life you have now.

Stay disciplined in your reactions.

Refuse to blame other people for your unhappiness and lack of success. Refuse to blame them for all the pain you’re experiencing in life.

Instead, put yourself in the driver’s seat.

Take control of how you feel by taking responsibility for your own pain.

3. Find opportunity in the problem.

Think of the last fictional movie you watched.

Think of the main characters.

Were they happy all the time?

Were their lives problem-free throughout the entire movie?

No, of course not.

If they were, you wouldn’t have watched the movie.

The movie would have been too boring and unrealistic to enjoy.

Now, think of your own life.

Consider a time in your past when you achieved something—when you had a problem and you overcame it successfully.

What happened next?

Did you stay satisfied forever?

No, you went out and created new problems.

You decided you wanted something else and started taking action towards it.

Then—surprise—you found out that this new thing you wanted came with its own problems.

Stop acting surprised by the fact that you have problems. You’re always going to have problems.

So start seeing your problems as possibilities.

There’s an opportunity in every obstacle.

No matter how stressful something seems, there’s victory hidden in it somewhere.

There’s a chance to climb higher.

The murkier the waters, the further you can swim.

Don’t be afraid of pain.

Don’t be afraid of chaos.

Chaos is a ladder.

Start opportunities in every challenge you face.

Start climbing the ladder.

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