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Create Your Escape Plan

Focus, Create And Grow Your Way To Intelligent Achievement

Announcing: The Escape Plan And How You Can Create Yours

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Escape the things you hate and live a rich and meaningful lifestyle.

Most of my life was spent living a sheep chasing carrots. From high school through graduate school I got really good at running toward short-term academic rewards that didn’t lead me anywhere.

I was good at running from sticks too. I made sure I always did what others wanted me to do and always tried to meet other people’s expectations. I took the classes other people were taking. I even chose my college major based on what I thought graduate school admission committees wanted to see.

Chasing carrots and running from sticks is how I got to my last year of graduate school. But, once I reached the end of the academic road, I realized that it wasn’t where I wanted to be. To make matters worse, my academic advisor had a massive grudge against me. He wouldn’t let me graduate no matter how hard I worked or how many papers I published. I was stuck. I felt confused, lost, and depressed. I didn’t know where to go or who to talk to. As a result, I gained weight and developed a kidney condition caused by stress-induced kidney inflammation. It was one of the lowest points of my life.

Stop Thinking And Acting Like A Sheep

I have firsthand experience watching the herd-like behavior of sheep. It’s disgusting. You can move a flock of over 200 sheep by banging two small sticks together. The sound scares a couple of the sheep and once they take off running, the rest of the flock follows without knowing why. The same thing happens when you hold out a carrot in front of the flock–a few sheep mindlessly move forward and the rest follow. A University of Leeds study confirmed that you only need to get 5% of a flock of sheep moving in a particular direction for the rest of the flock to blindly follow.

The problem with sheep is they cannot see beyond the moment. They are ruled by fear and an overwhelming instinct to stick with the herd. Do you know what other animal behaves this way? People. Human beings. The same study from Leeds found if you get just 5% of people in a group to move in a particular direction, the rest of the group will follow without knowing why. Most people are sheep. They live their lives running from sticks–the things they fear–and chasing carrots–the next “shiny” thing in front of them. Sheep-like behavior is something all people are born with. Unfortunately, some never grow out of it and spend entire lives running from sticks and chasing carrots.


The Costanza Effect

Have you ever seen the Seinfeld episode were George Costanza does the complete opposite of everything he was doing, and then finds success, wealth, and all the things he’s always wanted? As crazy as it sounds, this is the strategy I used in graduate school to escape the things I hated. Since everything I was doing was wrecking my life, I decided to do the opposite. I made a pact with myself to stop chasing carrots and sticks and to instead map out my future from the end backwards. That’s when I sat down and created my Escape Plan.

Trickle forward goal setting doesn’t work. Most people work their lives away trying to get from where they are now–the beginning–to some magical endpoint that they’ve never defined. They write out to-do lists and fill in their weekly calendars with meetings without ever thinking beyond the moment. Sure, maybe they fantasize about taking a 2-week vacation or retiring with just enough to live on so they can sit in front of the TV all day. But they don’t ever make a solid plan to escape and live a better life–a truly better life–right now.

With The Right Plan, You Can Escape Anything

After I made my Escape Plan, I got my PhD and started creating a better life for myself. I was amazed by how easy it was to create a new life for myself once I knew what I wanted. Everything is easy when you know where you’re going. But most people are clueless. They have no idea where they’re going. They’re just staying busy, trying to keep pace with the sheep next door. I got sick of seeing other people do this (because it reminds me of my former self) and decided to do something about it.

I worked for over a year to turn The Escape Plan into an easy to follow 4-week professional development program. It’s the same program I’ve been using to consult privately with businesses, entrepreneurs, and academics who wanted to break free from tedious lifestyles and create second, third, and even fourth streams of purpose-driven income. The difference is, unlike most professional development programs, I only use notable scientific studies to support the exercises in The Escape Plan–not generic advice or “fluff.”

I interviewed a variety of people who went through the program and put it into a short highlight video. The video is below. It’s funny. I’ve always wanted to do a highlight video. I thought–YES!–this will rock and had a friend put one together. But then I felt embarrassed when I saw the video for the first time. I was like wait, did we just create an infomercial? But then I got over it and decided to post it because it shows real people who made real life changes. Here’s the video:

Welcome To Your Escape Plan

The Escape Plan consists of:

–22 professionally shot videos explaining every part of the program in vivid detail.
–16 actionable steps broken down into four weeks of training called modules.
–4 platform exercises that show you how to build a network of fans, clients, customers, and followers.
–Professionally edited and designed documents for each step and each platform exercise (same editors and designers that did Tim Ferriss’ 4-Hour Body and James Altucher’s Choose Yourself).
–Additional transition videos between the steps and exercises.
–Exclusive access to my private Facebook group for life.

Here’s a sneak peek at what the exclusive Escape Plan website looks like on the inside.

Escape Plan Sneak PeekIf you want to learn more about The Escape Plan, go here.

If this isn’t your thing, don’t worry. I’ll be posting another great article next week and The Escape Plan will be completely closed. You won’t hear about the program again for the rest of the year. I’ve decided to only open enrollment for The Escape Plan once a year because I want all new members to come on board together and get to know each other at the same time. They’ll be in the exclusive Escape Plan Facebook group for life and I want their experience to be amazing from the start.

Never settle for feeling stuck in life. Never be a product of your environment and never feel obligated to keep negative, sheep-minded people in your life. Instead, make your environment a product of you and be very deliberate with who you surround yourself with. If you’re in a tough situation, make a plan and take action to break free. Be a strategist, not a sheep. You can have the life you want. All you have to do is reach out and take it.

Stop feeling stuck in life. Get confident. Get focused. Start creating your Escape Plan now.



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