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avatarWe had big dreams of living in Thailand and working from our laptops. We wanted to get married and escape from the everyday grind of school and work. We had a lot of ideas on how to do this, building Apps, writing books, creating products, but nothing every came together. We had goals but no direction. That's when we decided to join Isaiah's Escape Plan and start getting focused. Long story short - we are living in Thailand right now, married, and running our own fitness company! The Escape Plan is where it all started. In particular, it started with the vision we created for the life we wanted. We went through the scientific steps laid out in the Escape Plan for defining what we wanted and building our thoughts and actions around it. Neither of us thought we would have come this far in such a short amount of time but we have and it's because of the strategic lessons we learned in this Plan and because of the great people in the Escape Plan group holding us accountable.

Mike and Suzie Marschhausen
Mike & Suzie Fitness
avatarI have been in my industry for many years and while successful in the past, I'd hit a plateau both professionally and personally. I was feeling tired, drained, unmotivated and in short, purposeless. I hate feeling this way. I joined the Escape Plan because I know how important it is to have focused goals and I know how easily these goals can slip away if they're not aligned with your overall purpose in life and your purpose in business. The Escape Plan helped me get refocused. It helped me get reenergized and confident in what I was doing again. Most of all, it helped me start focusing on my strengths again instead of just trying to go about fixing my weaknesses. The program is strategic, complete, and excellent. The people in the private group are engaged and supportive, but also real and direct. I can't speak highly enough of the people in the Escape Plan. It's a unique environment and I'm grateful to be a part of it.

Ann Sutton
Senior Consultant at Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce
avatarI was surrounded by negative, energy vampires and need to make a change. The Escape Plan was my ticket for realigning my life while cutting the negative baggage out of it. Let me tell you, I had built up a lot of negative baggage. What's unique about Isaiah's Escape Plan is that it's not just a bunch of feel good nonsense. It's not just a bunch of head in the clouds mumbo jumbo with a lot of people just telling you to think positive. The Escape Plan is different. The Plan is strategic. It's scientific. This is what drew me to the program and it's why I've been so successful after going through the program. My life is drastically better now and this program has played a big part in that.


John Allegretti
Technical Consultant at TalentBurst
avatarAt first I was hesitant to join the Escape Plan. I didn't want to sign up to just another program that was all talk and no walk. Isaiah's words really resonated with me though and I decided to join. Right away I knew I made a great choice. Becoming an Escape Plan member was one of the best decisions I ever made. The program gave me the reality and reevaluation checks I really needed! The self-discovery tools embedded in the program are fantastic. The support group and positive network proved to be invaluable and continues to keep me on track! I went from being a corporate employee with a husband and kids and feeling trapped and distracted every day to finally recognizing my full potential. I now know what I've been missing in my life and how to get it. There's no looking back!

Rome Scriva​
Open Sanctuary
avatarI’ve been an entrepreneur for a long time and I’m determined to keep growing both myself and my business. To do this, I wanted to get around some like-minded people but I didn't know where to find these people. That’s when I found out about the Escape Plan. I joined the program not only to help with my business but because I wanted to get out of my bad habit of saying "sorry" all the time and feeling bad about my strengths and abilities. The Escape Plan taught me that life really does not wait for anyone. The program taught me that I really can complete projects at the same pace as big companies. It also helped me manage my focus and stick to my biggest goals. The best part of the Escape Plan is that the instructions and expectations are clear and very articulate. The program doesn't deny reality. Its blunt, truthful, and it works. There's no room for whining in the Escape Plan. There's only room for growth. The private group holds you accountable to this. Overall, the program enhances and cheers on personal accountability. My only regret with the program is that I wish I would have joined sooner.

Peggy Vanek-Titus
Petsitting By Peggy
avatarI attended a talk by Isaiah Hankel, which was a great experience. Isaiah was able to provide clear and practical tools to improve my own mindset and my focus for my business. He placed a particular emphasis on surrounding yourself with like-minded business people, which brought the audience together. Isaiah provided a great motivational boost to us all while also giving strategic and tangible steps that we could implement right away. Isaiah’s speaking comes highly recommended for any individual or business who is looking for focus and clear direction.


Hugo Heij
Managing Director at SCA Logistics
avatarI attended a talk given by Isaiah at the Royal Institute in London. The profound impact his talk had on me and many others was a surprise. He is a gifted orator and a man whose occasionally sideways look is surprising and insightful. His motivations to have people succeed are both genuine and powerfully practical. Rarely have I seen such a method that is designed from the outset to make a difference. He gets your mind hooked right from the start. See him as a matter of priority!



Dominic Quantrill
Associate Director at 24 Seven Inc
avatarWe booked Isaiah to speak at the launch of Fourfront NextGen, our young professionals network, after having seen a clip of him speaking on Youtube. We had flicked through a huge number of different speakers, watching no more than two minutes at a time before losing interest. However, we were hooked immediately on Isaiah’s videos and ended up watching a full twenty minute clip. When Isaiah arrived at the venue, he was friendly, helpful and easy to talk to. Isaiah’s talk lasted approximately forty minutes and he didn’t once lose the attention of every single person in the room. We had asked him to cover a variety of topics we felt were most relevant such as his “Start with the End in Mind” concept, amongst others. I couldn’t recommend Isaiah highly enough, everyone thoroughly enjoyed his talk and came away buoyed, motivated and committed to taking control of their futures; exactly as we had hoped.

Danielle Ridout
FourFront Group
avatarIsaiah was a guest speaker at our annual conference 'The Gathering', the conference focused on change and the future challenges. Isaiah gave some great external insight for us, talking about our purpose which fitted really well with the theme. He was a charismatic speaker with a really interesting background; this linked well to the global audience in attendance. He also stayed afterwards to talk individually to our employees which was a really nice way to end the 1st day of the conference!



Debbie Brenen
Merlin Entertainments
avatarI was very impressed with Isaiah’s delivery and professionalism. Isaiah gave a phenomenal presentation and a very engaging workshop prior to the presentation. The workshop discussed everything from the current problems in our industry and then crucially went beyond those problems to solutions. The final presentation was a keynote style presentation given in front of hundreds of professionals. The takeaways were strong and the crowd was hungry for more. Everyone left feeling very focused and empowered. I highly recommend bringing Isaiah to your business next.


Ben Hall
Intellectual Property Specialist