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avatarThe key to success is learning the meta-language of learning. Learning how to learn. How to achieve peak performance in a difficult arena of life that requires mastering 100 micro-skills to become among the best in that field. Isaiah Hankel breaks down that meta-language, and shows us how, regardless of our life's mission, to quickly achieve mastery in whatever field of life inspires us.


James Altucher
Author of Choose Yourself Editor of The Altucher Report Writer for the Wall Street Journal
avatarIs there anything more boring than traditional self-help books? Thankfully Isaiah has written something untraditional here. The Science of Intelligent Achievement digs beneath the surface of what make measurable growth possible - identifying the patterns, processes and science behind being successful in any field. He does all of this while infusing each chapter with real world examples, humor, and a much needed dose of personal responsibility and hard truth.


Anthony DiMarco
Entrepreneurs’ Organization Global Trainer CEO of the DiMarco Group
avatarThe Science of Intelligent Achievement unapologetically slapped me in the face by telling me what common mistakes ‘average’ people do and how these ‘average’ habits and actions are keeping me in a mediocre career and life. There is something fresh and simple about Isaiah’s ability to sugar-coat topics. This books is full of relatable stories and interesting facts that stay with you after you are done reading. I recommend this tough as nails self-help book to anyone who wants to evaluate their direction in life.


Dr. Nick Ross
Senior R&D Engineer at Intel
avatarThe Science of Intelligent Achievement is well researched and provides an excellent blueprint to real success. Every page is loaded with sage advice and you will find yourself savoring every morsel of it. You will learn how to live the life of your dreams by eliminating negative people, thoughts, and things that drain your mental energy. Stop being busy, develop focus, get rid of distractions, and master the art of effectiveness by using the free tools Isaiah provides here.


Linda Mitchell
IIN Health Coach ADP Holistic Health Practitioner CEO The ChickFit Studio
avatarThe Science of Intelligent Achievement showed me how to take ownership of my life and how to organize and prioritize myself both professionally and personally. Make no mistake, the book is hard hitting makes you face yourself head on. Each chapter practically forces you to start implementing positive and pragmatic changes. The book shows you that it’s never too late to turn things around as long as you’re willing to take personal responsibility for where you are in life.


Dr. Klodjan Stafa
Senior Scientist at Estée Lauder Companies
avatarReading this book is like a healthy punch in the gut. Many of us "top performers" present externally as having it all, when really, we're miserable inside chasing after someone else's version of success. Isaiah's gripping personal story is a harbinger of what can happen if you fail to listen to the voice inside reminding you of who you really are. His framework of selectivity, ownership, and pragmatism is one I wished I had when I was going through a similar time. If you're ready to reclaim your life, live it according to your own standards, and take back control, you need this book. I dare you to read it and not come out transformed.

Margo Aaron
Former Strategic Planner at Hunter Straker Founder of That Seems Important
avatarIsaiah’s unique blend of hard-hitting personal development, combined with evidence-based lessons is what makes him and his books so valuable. This may make you feel uncomfortable at times, but that’s why it’s different to so many other books out there. It’s not a passive read but a compelling call to action. If you want to know the secret to selective focus, the importance of creativity and a how to build a daily approach to growth then start with this book. But be warned, this is not for the faint hearted.


Michael Smith, M.B.A.
Author of Go Naked Founder of Developed Edge
avatarIsaiah has created a brilliant, practical, goal-oriented, scientifically-backed, self-improvement book, suitable for anyone struggling to make the next step in their life or career. His new book has already been pivotal for me in harnessing my mental energy and focus to drive my career forward.


Dr. Yousuf Ali
Medical Science Liaison at Novartis
avatarThis is a jam-packed book that is chock-full of actionable and practical advice on the hard truth about what it takes to live a happy and successful life. You won't be able to make excuses for yourself after reading this book.


Ben Greenfield
Founder of Greenfield Fitness Systems Advisor at EXOS Performance Nutrition
avatarYou can’t outwork a bad strategy. Isaiah Hankel wrote a scientifically proven playbook designed to help you focus on the things that matter. He delivers an actionable roadmap to help you focus on the things that truly matter. There's a saying that the wisest investment is wisdom, and The Science of Intelligent Achievement is full of it.


Jayson Gaignard
Talent Scout and Curator at MasterMindTalks