The Science Of Intelligent Achievement | Dr. Isaiah Hankel | Focus, Create and Grow Your Way To Intelligent Achievement The Science Of Intelligent Achievement | Dr. Isaiah Hankel | Focus, Create and Grow Your Way To Intelligent Achievement

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Focus, Create And Grow Your Way To Intelligent Achievement

The Science Of Intelligent Achievement

From the inside flap: Dr. Isaiah Hankel, bestselling author of Black Hole Focus, shares the best of behavioral science with the art of mastering mental focus in his next book The Science of Intelligent Achievement. This book is a compilation of strategies, case studies, rich personal examples, and smart tools that will give you a blueprint to create your own ultimate success. If you want results, if you prefer a direct hit over gentle prose, and if you’re ready to level up in your goals and your life… this one’s for you.

This book gives you smart strategies for achieving your goals and will show you how to…

  • Define your values and align them with who you are.
  • Stop depending on others for your happiness and success.
  • Become selective with where you spend your mental energy.
  • Initiate and sustain consistent, practical changes.
  • Leverage the power of micro-decisions, personal responsibility, and mini-habits.

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You’ll tap into the power of a proven scientific process of finding success through your most valuable assets: selective focus, creative ownership, and pragmatic growth. You’ll discover the keys to attaining and sustaining success.

The Science of Intelligent Achievement shows you how to overcome distractions, misinformation, and over-commitment, and become selective in order to achieve your goals. You can build your own guidepost of focus, creation, and growth, and avoid the common mistake of chasing after fake success.

Take a peek inside inside the book here.

If you’re ready to take ownership of your life and learn the art (and science) of positive change through pragmatic decisions and actions, this book is for you.

How You Can Get Involved

I want to make sure this book has the opportunity to bring value to those that need it most. If you 1) have a podcast, 2) have a friend who does, 3) manage a speaking event, 4) run a blog, or can 5) think of an influencer who would love this book, please send me an email here:

If you have ideas, suggestions — or better, have access to a large audience of your own — I want to hear from you. Specifically, I’d love to reach groups who are starting businesses or transitioning from one career path to another (entrepreneurs, startup incubators, corporations looking to move into new markets, graduate students, PhDs, postdocs, the military, sports teams and clubs, etc.).

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You Comment, Isaiah Responds

  • Beverly Green

    This sounds exciting! I’m going to get the two free chapters now and recommend this to all my friends. 😉

  • Charisse Cappello

    I’m surprised you were able to put out another book so soon! I’m looking forward to this one and will spread the word. It’s a great feeling to be in charge of your own life and on your way to fulfilling more goals.

  • Matthew Smithson PhD

    Already signed up for the free chapters. Looking forward to the whole experience, though..

  • Marvin D’Esprit

    This sounds really great. I’ve always believed in the power of science to help us achieve more. The research behind this book sounds like it’s been tested over time with lots of different people, and has the benefit of practicable methodologies we can apply right now.

  • Sonja Luther

    Great idea! I love these topics. I can’t wait for my copy to get here.

  • Harvey Delano

    Any idea how long it will be until the whole book is released?

  • Madeline Rosemary

    I know a few people who run their own blogs and they might be able to benefit from this. I’ll go ahead and let them know about this. Really appreciate it. 🙂

  • Julian Holst

    I’m midway through one of your other books, and there’s a lot of content packed in. I’m sure this new one will be just as awesome. Thanks a lot for the straight-shooting principles to success.

  • Willow Sampson

    If the book is anything like the kind of guidance we get on the blog, I’m ready for it. 🙂

  • Theo

    I loved the Black Hole book, and I’m ready for the next.

  • Kevin Johnston

    I ordered and downloaded the book but now I can’t find it!