How To Take Back Your Life From Negative Bitter People | Dr. Isaiah Hankel | Discover How to Create a Confident and Focused Life How To Take Back Your Life From Negative Bitter People | Dr. Isaiah Hankel | Discover How to Create a Confident and Focused Life

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How To Take Back Your Life From Negative Bitter People

The biggest cause of unhappiness in the world is weak judgment.

Too many people make soft decisions when it comes to accepting people and things into their lives.

They let anyone and anything in.

This is a mistake.

A better strategy is to be deliberate with who and what you let into your life.

This means you need to continuously simplify your surroundings.

Here are three ways to start simplifying now…

1. Don’t let others bring stress into your life.

News flash—not everything is urgent.

We all have that one colleague or friend, or maybe more, who thinks everything is urgent.

These are the maniacs who send you life and death emails that must be answered right away—or else.

They blow up your phone with important messages and get furious when you’re not 100% responsive to their requests.

From now on, ignore these people.

Practice rising above anything that anyone else tries to make you see as urgent.

Train others by being less and less responsive to their increasing levels of stress.

Your sense of urgency is a tool you should use on yourself to get your mission-oriented tasks done.

It’s not a tool that other people should use on you to get their tasks done.

2. Be very selective with who and what you give your time to.

The older you get, the more great offers you’ll get.

Past colleagues and friends will call you with million-dollar opportunities and once-in-a-life-time deals.

Don’t waste your time with these so-called great offers.

You’ll never be anything more than average if you keep chasing offers other  people call great.

Instead, stay focused on your current goals.

Keep your efforts concentrated on what you really want, not what someone else wants for you.

3. Stop giving negative people unlimited chances.

Negative people should only get two chances to be in your life.

The first time they treat you poorly, let it slide.

Maybe you misunderstood them.

Maybe they were just in a bad mood.

The second time they do it, sit down and have an authentic, one-on-one conversation.

Offer up your shortcomings in the situation first.

Show the other person you really want to improve the relationship.

If you’ve made a real effort (only you will know if you have) and the door gets slammed in your face over and over again, then it’s time to step away.

Some people will never like you.

Some people are just negative.

Some people want to be victims.

Simplify your life by cutting these people out of it.

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