How To Stop Feeling Stuck In Life & 5 Escape Plan Success Stories | Dr. Isaiah Hankel | How To Escape Your Boring Life How To Stop Feeling Stuck In Life & 5 Escape Plan Success Stories | Dr. Isaiah Hankel | How To Escape Your Boring Life

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How To Stop Feeling Stuck In Life & 5 Escape Plan Success Stories

feel stuck in life? | Dr. Isaiah Hankel | How to escape your life
“The heaviness of being successful was replaced by the lightness of being a beginner again, less sure about everything. It freed me to enter one of the most creative periods of my life.” 

Steve Jobs (Co-Founder, Apple Inc.) 

“Life is not a dress rehearsal. Stop practicing what you’re going to do and just go do it. In one bold stroke you can transform today.” 

Marilyn Monroe (Actress, The Seven Year Itch) 

“Although no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending.” 

Carl Bard (Scottish Theologian and Broadcaster)


My boss hated me, my girlfriend left me, and my kidneys started to fail.

It sounds like the first line of some old troubadour country song.

But it wasn’t a song. It was my life.

I knew my life was on a dead end track for years.

I knew that if I kept doing what I was doing without making a great change that I would wake up and be 50, poor, and unhappy.

I knew this. But, like a lot of people, I refused to accept it.

Instead, I ran from it.

I did whatever I could to keep myself busy. The busier I was, the less time I had to think and the less time I had to feel.

I could either stay busy or feel an impending sense of doom.

Whenever I slowed down even a little, like late at night before bed, the void would creep up on me.

The emptiness feeling would find me.

I would feel like I sinking, trapped, falling …stuck.

I was miserable so everything in my life became miserable.

My boss started pushing me around more and more. My girlfriend did too.

Every once in a while I’d get a burst of energy and start to stand up for myself.

But my energy would quickly fade.

I’d lash out or turn sly and manipulative, and then apologize for it and go right back to being a pushover and seeking approval again.

Despite all of this drama, I was bored out of my mind.

I just didn’t care.

I didn’t like my life so I opted out of it.

I thought the cards were stacked against me and that everything I did was going to fail eventually …so why try?

My apathy started to take a toll on me.

The more I internalized the pain of feeling stuck and the pain of being pushed around, the more stressed out I became.

The stress started to destroy my body.

My kidneys started to fail and things went from miserable to lethal.

A doctor told me that I could be dead in 6 months if things didn’t change.

My country song life turned into a weepy after school special.

It was time to change.

I could either create a new, focused life for myself or slowly drown in the life I was currently living and die.

I decided to create a new life.

It didn’t happen overnight but within a few months my life was radically different.

Why You Need To Escape Your Boring Mediocre Life

People overestimate what they can do in a few days but underestimated what they can do in a few months.

If you’re unhappy in your own life now, it’s easy to think that things will never change.

It’s easy to think that things always were and always will be the way they are now.

That’s how our brains work.

We create false memories and our current emotional state dramatically affects those memories.

A study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences and reported in Times magazine shows that no one is immune to this.

Everyone creates fake memories.

If you’re miserable now, your brain will try to convince you that you’ve always been miserable and you’ll always be miserable.

Don’t believe these lies.

You can change your life any time you want. You can create a new life at will.

All you have to do is decide to stop being miserable.

That’s the first step.

The second step is taking action.

You have to design a strategic plan for your life and start executing your plan immediately.

5 Escape Plan Success Stories

Enrollment into The Escape Plan is opening up on Monday, June 15th.

I open up enrollment only twice a year and only for one week at a time.

I do this because once enrollment is closed, I give my full attention to the new Escape Plan members.

The new members and I interact directly through the Escape Plan’s private webpage and my private online group.

The sole purpose of the Escape Plan is to help you break free from your current life and create a new, focused life.

People who I let join the program get unstuck, get focused, and get confident very quickly.

Most importantly, they stop being dependent on others for their success and happiness.

Instead, they take back their lives and start building something of their own. 

Hundreds of people have created their Escape Plan and completely transformed their lives as a result.

I want to share some of these success stories with you here of people who were feeling stuck in life and decided to get focused to make their Escape Plan come true.

Here are 5 Escape Plan success stories…

Jamie Johnston, Founder of the Massage Therapist Development Center

Jamie was a workaholic.

He was a Registered Massage Therapist, fireman, first aid instructor, and hockey coach.

But no matter how hard he worked, he could never get ahead. His bills piled up and his workdays got longer and longer.

Jamie started to feel like there was no point in working hard—like everything he’d been told about hard work paying off was a lie.

The problem was he was working hard but he wasn’t working smart.

He was also only working hard for other people. Instead, he should’ve been working hard (and smart) for himself.

After Jamie joined the Escape Plan, he started protecting his time. He also started protecting his mental energy.

Jamie created a strategic plan for the lifestyle he wanted to live and began executing it right away.

Now, Jamie manages the largest development platform for massage therapists in the world.

Jamie doesn’t wake up everyday feeling exhausted anymore. Now, he wakes up excited to continue building his platform.

Jamie Johnston | Dr. Isaiah Hankel | Stop Feeling Stuck and Escape Your LIfe

Erin Laurvick, Founder of Depth and PUSH

Erin is a single mother with 3 kids. A year ago, Erin’s life was a mess.

She was broke, the company she was managing was underwater, and she was struggling to feed her kids.

The worst part for Erin was having to deal with people who always tried to make her feel guilty.

She would get dozens of unsolicited opinions from her friends and family daily. These people would give her a million reasons why her life was a mess (without ever offering her a solution).

She felt like a bad mother and bad person on a daily basis.

After becoming an Escape Plan member, Erin’s entire life turned around.

Erin got tough at work and dramatically changed her management style, resulting in huge increases in both productivity and profit.

As profits grew, so did Erin’s salary.

Erin also started her own coaching business and now has a full roster of clients who call her to get advice on how to improve their lives.

Erin Laurvick | Dr. Isaiah Hankel | Stop Feeling Stuck and Escape Your LIfe

Diego Correa, Founder of Diego Correa Interior Designs

Diego had been an interior designer for years.

He’d built up a great list of clients in London and was looking to expand his business.

Then the economy went south and people didn’t have as much money for interior design work anymore.

At the same time, a lot of amateur interior designers flooded the market trying to make money after getting fired from their full-time jobs.

Diego was afraid he was going to lose his business.

He wanted to start marketing his business online but didn’t know where to start.

Diego had a lot of great ideas for targeting new niches within his industry but again, didn’t know where to start.

After joining The Escape Plan, Diego created a focused plan for himself and for his business.

He decided to build up his online platform and start targeting a new niche—successful men who were interested in masculine interiors.

A few weeks later, Diego launched his new website and through the use of a strategic marketing plan that he created as part of his Escape, he became the top hit on Google UK for “Interior Design Men London” and the #2 hit on Google US.

Diego Correra | Dr. Isaiah Hankel | Stop Feeling Stuck and Escape Your LIfe

Kate Wasserman, Founder of the Imani Institute & Heart Full Hustler

Kate’s life was stuck in a serious rut.

She had been in the same career for over 10 years. She had also been raising her daughter alone for nearly the same amount of time.

Kate would get hundreds of ideas every day on how to change her life but she could never focus on any one idea long enough to execute it.

Instead, Kate would start pursuing one goal and then jump ship to start pursuing another goal, then jump ship again to start pursuing another goal.

On and on this went, leaving Kate feeling distracted and completely empty.

Kate also felt like an imposter in her own life.

She felt guilty and fake, like she wasn’t good enough to be really successful and didn’t deserve to be really happy.

After Kate joined the Escape Plan, she figured out exactly what she wanted to do with her life.

She started building a platform for single parents who struggle with low self-esteem and created her own coaching business from scratch.

Kate learned how to focus on one idea and see it through to a successful finish.

Now, Kate has a full roster of clients working with her one-on-one and gets to travel wherever and whenever she wants.

She recently went to Jamaica for a month and is headed back again this summer.

Sarah Kate Wasserman | Dr. Isaiah Hankel | Stop Feeling Stuck and Escape Your LIfe

Mike Marschhausen and Susanna Rainey, Founders of Superior Motives Health 

When Mike got out of the military, he started working as a personal trainer.

Mike enjoyed the work but hated giving away all of his money to someone else.

As a trainer, he would do all the work by taking each client through intense, regimented exercise and nutrition programs.

Mike did all the work but he only got to keep half of the profits. The gym kept the rest.

Susanna was always into fitness and decided to become a certified Fitness Nutrition Coach.

But she felt like a phony.

Whenever she got into a relationship, she would let herself go and, according to her, “gain the standard 15 pounds.”

After Mike and Susanna met, they joined the Escape Plan together and started building their own nutrition business.

They focused on helping young couples and individuals get in shape and stay in shape.

Now Mike and Susanna have a list of clients they work with one-on-one and just successfully launched their own online training program.

They also just got engaged.

Mike and Susan | Dr. Isaiah Hankel | Stop Feeling Stuck and Escape Your LIfe

If you feel trapped and stuck in life, make a decision to start creating a new life. Stop believing that things will always be the way they are now. Stop believing that you can’t be happy and wildly successful. Get out of your own head and start taking action. The life you want can be yours. Jamie, Erin, Diego, Kate, Mike and Susanna created new lives for themselves. You can do the same thing by joining the Escape Plan when it opens next week on Monday, July 15th.

To learn more about creating a new life for yourself and to get instant access to exclusive training videos, case studies, insider documents, and my private online network, get on the Escape Plan wait list.


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