Create Your Escape Plan® and Achieve Intelligent Alignment ®

Stop Feeling Stuck In Life.
Stop Feeling Unfocused & Unconfident

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Gain Focus & Confidence

Wake up daily with a strong sense of purpose and direction


Set Goals For Your Life

Learn to create sequential goals that are aligned with each other


Be Held Accountable

Join a power network of like minded individuals


Be Financially Independent

Turn your purpose into a money-making platform


Fulfill Your Purpose

Cross the finish line and feel a sense of achievement


Align Your Priorities

Define your priorities and align them with your goals


Eliminate Negative People

Cut out manipulators, haters, and distractors


Build A Personal Plan

Create a prioritized list of action items just for you


Access Scientific Methods

Leverage science-backed strategies, not nameless fluff

Join A Private Power Network Of Like-Minded Individuals Who Will Keep You Focused

Consider The Facts


of people are sheep-like followers1


of people don’t have a plan for their lives2


Mapping out your goals makes you 33% more likely to achieve them2


of people write down their goals3


of people review their goals3


People who map out a plan for their lives make 9X more money3

1. University of Leeds study      2. Dominican University study      3. Virginia Tech study

Dr. Isaiah Hankel’s Escape Plan

The Escape Plan is built on three things--finding your purpose, joining a power network, and creating a strategic plan for your life. First, you must define the outcomes you want to achieve and the priorities you want to live by. Second, you must surround yourself with positive and likeminded people (while cutting out negative people). Third, you must map out a strategic campaign for achieving your goals. Most people see a job they want, start networking to achieve it, and then try to find meaning in what they do. Others have a great idea, start a business, work to find clients, and then try to find meaning in their work. Both of these options lead to failure. Always. The only way to reach ultimate levels of success and fulfillment is find your purpose, join a power network, and create a strategic plan for your life--in that order. The Escape Plan will show you how.

Here's What Current Members Are Saying

Dan Olexa

“At 48, I was beginning to feel that my life was pretty much written. Thankfully, I discovered The Escape Plan. Since creating my plan, I've developed the courage to leave the stressful job, stopped beating myself up for my divorce, and discovered the self-confidence to believe in myself."

Dan Olexa: Owner at SWFL Hypnotherapy

“I felt like a corporate drone, stuck in my job and in my life. There was no real sense of purpose for me and I didn't think there was anything I could do about. Then I found Escape Plan and everything clicked."

Penny Percey: Grade School Teacher

Penny Percey
Bárbara Dema

“I joined the Escape Plan because I felt stuck and like I was looking clear goals. My hope was to gain more focus and a bigger network to help me with my goals. The Escape Plan definitely delivered."

Bárbara Dema: Scientist at the National Institute of Health

“The best part of the Escape Plan is that the instructions and expectations are clear and very articulate. The program doesn't deny reality. Its blunt truthful, and it works. There's no room for whining in the Escape Plan. There's only room for growth."

Peggy Vanek-Titus: Owner at Petsitting By Peggy

Peggy Vanek-Titus
Franco Valentino

“There are thousands of personal programs out there that spout advice without defining how to go apply any of it. The Escape Plan's real world examples and stories align very well with situations we all go through. I'm thankful to the Escape Plan for providing both clarity and a process for reaching my goals."

Franco Valentino: Founder & CEO Website Ecosystem

“For an analytical person like myself, I appreciated this defined approach that was also highly personalized. The Escape Plan gave me the steps I needed to follow, while offering freedom in choosing how to use those steps."

Peggy Vanek-Titus: Owner at Cotton & Rust

Gillian Fryer
Franco Valentino

“Corporate life was unfulfilling and I dreamt of becoming a full-time author, but had no clue how to even begin. It wasn't until I found Escape Plan that my dreams finally started becoming reality. Now, I'm a published author."

Xeno Hemlock: Writer at Xenanimus. Inc.

“The Escape Plan helped me get refocused. It helped me get reenergized and confident in what I was doing again. Most of all, it helped me start focusing on my strengths again instead of jusst trying to go about fixing my weaknesses."

Ann Sutton: Senior Consultant at Imperial Bank of Commerce

Ann Sutton
Deborah Boyce

“The Escape Plan gave me the discipline I needed to focus my life and career. As a businesswoman, I really benefited from the programs systematic and deliberate approach. The program helped me map out and execute a plan for where I wanted my career and life to be this year and the following year."

Deborah Boyce: Manager at Virgin Australia

Enter Your Name And Email Address Below To Be The First To Know When The Escape Plan Opens Up For New Members