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Gain Focus & Confidence

Wake up daily with a strong sense of purpose and direction


Set Goals For Your Life

Learn to create sequential goals that are aligned with each other


Be Held Accountable

Join a power network of like minded individuals


Be Financially Independent

Turn your purpose into a money-making platform


Fulfill Your Purpose

Cross the finish line and feel a sense of achievement

Dr. Isaiah Hankel’s Escape Plan

The Escape Plan is built on three things--finding your purpose, joining a power network, and creating a strategic plan for your life. First, you must define the outcomes you want to achieve and the priorities you want to live by. Second, you must surround yourself with positive and likeminded people (while cutting out negative people). Third, you must map out a strategic campaign for achieving your goals. Most people see a job they want, start networking to achieve it, and then try to find meaning in what they do. Others have a great idea, start a business, work to find clients, and then try to find meaning in their work. Both of these options lead to failure. Always. The only way to reach ultimate levels of success and fulfillment is find your purpose, join a power network, and create a strategic plan for your life--in that order. The Escape Plan will show you how.

Here's What Current Members Are Saying

Gillian Fryer Review

“At 48, I was beginning to feel that my life was pretty much written. Unfortunately, I wasn't happy with the way the story was progressing. My job of seven years was stressful and unrewarding, I was recently divorced and was unsure how to create the life that I wanted. Thankfully, I discovered The Escape Plan. Since starting the Plan I have developed the courage to leave the stressful job, discovered the self-confidence to believe in myself and stop dwelling on the negative and stressful emotional remnants of my divorce, and stopped beating myself up for not being the person I dreamt of being. I've found the tools and strength to manifest that person. The Escape Plan gave me a detailed, step-by-step map to actualizing the life I've always wanted. As a result, I just began a new career that I'm passionate about and that allows me to help others. Life couldn't be better."

Dan Olexa: Professional Diving Instructor, Skin N Scuba

“I'm a seasoned entrepreneur, but I was at a point where I was feeling stuck, broke, disconnected, and insignificant. I wanted to improve my focus and confidence and grow my network, but I didn't know where to start. I have really enjoyed the Escape Plan because it's self-paced and easy to access. I was able to go through the videos and documents when I wanted and how I wanted. There are tons of books and courses on focusing your life and business, but few offer truly useful and unique actionable information. What makes the Escape Plan different is its analytical and left-brained approach. This program is like a cookbook for focus and confidence, laying out distinct steps that are truly easy to follow. For an analytical person like myself, I appreciated this defined approach that was also highly personalized. The Escape Plan gave me the steps I needed to follow, while offering freedom in choosing how to use those steps. I also really enjoyed the regular postings in the Escape Plan's exclusive group. Regardless of your entrepreneurial experience, if you are looking for a way to break free from a sticking point in your business or personal life, the Escape Plan gives you new tools to climb beyond your plateau!"

Gillian Fryer: Founder of Cotton & Rust

DAn Olexa Review
Deborah Boyce Review

“The Escape Plan gave me the discipline I needed to focus my life and career. As a businesswoman, I really benefited from the program's systematic and deliberate approach. The program helped me map out and execute a plan for where I wanted my career and life to be this year and the following year. I was really impressed with the exclusive and very active Facebook group--it helped me connect with and gain inspiration from other successful like-minded people. If you want to create a focused and confident plan for your career, join the Escape Plan. It will give you the clarity and techniques you need to be successful."

Deborah Boyce: Virgin Australia

“I'm an employee and a new entrepreneur. I still have a job but love entrepreneurship and wanted to learn how to focus my business ideas and grow my network. I also wanted to make more money and start becoming financially independent. That's why I joined the Escape Plan and man--did this program deliver! The thing that I enjoyed most about the Plan is the support system. The exclusive group delivered great content to me daily and gave me a chance to network with other people who were refocusing their lives and growing their businesses. Most importantly, Isaiah knows his stuff and doesn't act all self-important. When you join the Escape Plan, you will learn actual, tangible steps to set your career, business ideas and life into motion. You will also get strong support from other people who are working on their goals. I cannot say enough good things about the people in this group. They are amazing and are constantly helping me in every aspect of my life."

Michael Ferrarella: Editor at STV Incorporated

Michael Ferrarella Review
Daren Peh Review

“I work hard for my money and like to do things on my own. I don't usually participate in online programs either. It seems like most programs are just thrown together to help some deluded person or company get rich quick. The Escape Plan was different. I'm really glad I took a chance and joined the program because it changed my life. Before I started the Escape Plan, I felt worthless. I felt like I was just working at my job doing the same thing over and over. I didn't have any goals, I didn't have any focus, and I didn't have any confidence. The Escape Plan showed me that I wasn't worthless, I just lacked direction. I just needed the right kind of motivation. The Escape Plan showed me how to make something useful of my life without having to give up anything. I was able to get focused and make a plan for bettering my life without having to quit my job. I recommend this program to any employee who feels stuck and wants to start moving forward again."

Daren Peh: Hospitality Manager at Marina Bay Sands

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