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Franco Valentino

"The Entrepreneur Mastery event was exactly what I needed to bring everything together - from generating traffic and getting subscribers to converting sales and building my first passive income funnel."

-Paul McMillan, CEO & Founder, Trade Mindset

Do You Know
The Cardinal Work-flow Of Being A Successful
Lifestyle Entrepreneur?

Drive massive traffic to your business, convert your traffic into subscribers, and transform your clients into longterm paying customers.

This is the Cardinal Work-flow of Successful Entrepreneurship…

No matter how low your conversion rates are downstream, more traffic means more sales. The key to increasing traffic exponentially is using advanced content marketing and other inbound marketing techniques to turn each follower into a “Net Follower.” Unlike normal followers, Net Followers carry multiple followers with them wherever they go online (as if they have a “Net”). By leveraging these Followers to your advantage, you will quickly increase your traffic.


Low conversions rates are okay and often expected, but zero conversions means zero subscribers means zero customers. Without paying customers, your business is not a lifestyle business, it’s a part-time hobby. Many businesses get stuck in the trap of driving tons of traffic to their website or platform without converting any of their traffic into subscribers. Until you capture someone’s email address or phone number, they remain a follower, not a subscriber. Once you convert a follower to a subscriber, you must transform them into a longterm paying customer. By rapidly evaluating your subscribers’ needs and productizing your answers to those needs, you will build a successful lifestyle business.

The only way to build a successful business is to determine your subscribers’ needs and answer those needs as quickly as possible with products and services. This will build you a successful business. BUT, it’s not enough to build you a successful lifestyle business. A lifestyle business is a business you can run from anywhere in the world. It’s also a business that requires little input but yields a very large output. This high output-to-input ratio is made possible by leveraging multiple sources of passive income. These sources of income are created by putting your products and services into their “Optimal Online Format.” Once your products and services have been Optimized, your lifestyle business will start to scale rapidly. You can further scale your lifestyle business by “Face-lifting” features and processes and applying these Face lifts to new products and services until you’re making 6-figures while you sleep.

This Cardinal Work-flow is your key to achieving your Entrepreneur Mastery Mindset

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What People Are Saying

Craig BestCraig BestCEO, Best Sales Performance

"As a former sales manager, I’ve been to a lot of mediocre entrepreneurship workshops and was very skeptical about Entrepreneur Mastery.. But after attending, I’m very happy I went. The event covered complex topics like online selling and funnel building, while also tying each of these topics together. I now know how to operate my online business effectively."

Miriam StaleyMiriam StaleyFounder, We Make Waves

"There are not many events that so thoroughly dig into HOW to go about being an entrepreneur. If you’re looking to learn HOW to build and run a lifestyle business, not just listen to someone talk about why you should, Entrepreneur Mastery is for you."

Ru WikmannRu WikmannFounder, Shredded Braniac

"I’ve been able to tie together my podcast and blogging into a high converting sales funnel since attending Entrepreneur Mastery. I’m in the health and fitness field, which means there’s a lot of competition. Without this event, I would have just been another face in the crowd trying to get attention. Now I know how to cut through the noise and drive traffic to my site."

Diego CorreaDiego CorreaFounder & CEO, Correa Designs

"I am extremely grateful to have been able to attend the Entrepreneur Mastery event. The training program was very thorough. We covered everything from content marketing, social media marketing, lead magnets, squeeze pages, webinars, podcasts, passive income funnels, and more."

Evgenia GalinskayaEvgenia GalinskayaFounder & CEO, Other Options For Doctors

"Creating an online funnel and productizing my services has been a real challenge for me and my business partners. Entrepreneur Mastery helped me become more comfortable with all the different software programs and websites involved in running an online business."

Ian SisonIan SisonFounder, Kai Katana Entertainment

"Entrepreneur Mastery will light a fire under you. If you have the idea for a lifestyle business, or have a current OFFLINE business like me that you want to productize it and start making sales online, this event is definitely for you. You’ll learn so much and you’ll meet great people too. I’ve stayed in touch with many of the attendees since continue to learn from them."


Kate Wasserman

"Entrepreneur Mastery will put you and your lifestyle business years ahead. I’ve finally been able to monetize my online efforts to build the financially independent and location independent lifestyle I’ve always wanted."

-Hugo Heij, Founder, Fluid Business