Build A 100K Lifestyle Business In 1-Year

Without Having To Quit Your Job

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About The Founder

The Entrepreneur's Escape Plan by Dr. Isaiah Hankel

Entrepreneur's Escape Plan by Dr. Isaiah Hankel

The Entrepreneur’s Escape Plan will teach you the entire process, from A-Z, of how to build a 6-figure lifestyle business in one year without having to quit your day job. This plan is for new entrepreneurs who don't want to be dependent on one paycheck anymore, and for seasoned entrepreneurs who are looking to take their businesses and profits to the next level. This program will show you how everything fits together, from content and social media marketing, to developing your brand, to productizing your services, to creating online courses, to segmenting your client lists, to designing sales pages, to mapping out product launches, and much more. If you're hungry to learn the entire process of building a successful lifestyle business, not just one piece of the puzzle, this program is for you.

What People Are Saying

Gillian Fryer Review

“I'm a seasoned entrepreneur and businessman but I had reached a plateau in terms of my profits and personal growth. I was excelling at key aspects of my online business, including mobile marketing and Google Adwords buys, but I was struggling to fit everything else together. There was this new world of online technology available and I was missing out on specific things that could take my business to the next level, including automated email marketing funnels, webinar courses, and content syndication. This is when I decided to the join the Entrepreneur's Escape Plan and I'm glad I did because instantly I received a level of clarity that I had been lacking before. The program did an excellent job of putting all of my business activities in the right sequence, which meant that I could now prioritize my efforts correctly. As a result, I've landed several key clients and rolled out new product funnels that have dramatically increased my cash flow."

Franco Valentino: Founder & CEO of Rapture Media

“Before I found the Entrepreneur’s Escape Plan I was working 4 different jobs trying to make ends meet as a single parent. My private psychotherapy practice was growing inconsistently and the income was too sporadic to be reliable. I kept adding more contracts and jobs trying to provide for my family but kept falling short. I felt trapped by the geography of where I lived and every economic blip threatened to flatline my business. I was stuck working for other people at embarrassingly low wages to fill in the gaps. Working 5am to 11pm, 7 days a week left me with no freedom and zero energy. I felt my vibrancy slipping away. I didn’t know how my background and experience in my field of work would work online. No one else in my field was doing this. I jumped in anyway - with a mix of desperation and hope and went through the program, finding creative ways to move my in-person practice and skills into an online platform. The plan had literally everything I needed at every step of the way for me to succeed. I went through the Entrepreneur’s Escape Plan without having to quit my practice but was able to one by one dissolve my other low-paying and confidence-depleting contracts. I now run my practice on my terms and see minimal, hand-picked clients to work with and have two successful online businesses that give me all the freedom and independence I want and need. Now I’m running and presenting at workshops and being invited to speak all over the continent and meeting my biggest goals. I have time for my family and have created a life of balance with a sense of finally thriving."

Tara Miller: Psychotherapist and Registered Clinical Counselor, Author of How Smart People Get Resilient

Deborah Boyce Review

“The process of launching the online portion of my business was very difficult for me. I had received all the certifications I needed and was starting to build my client list through word of mouth while still working at my day job, but getting the word out online was proving very difficult. I knew that writing and creating content online played a part in getting people to my site but I didn't know how to go about doing it. I certainly didn't know how to optimize my content for Google searches. The terms SEO and keywords were like science fiction to me. This is where the Entrepreneur's Escape Plan really helped me. I learned how to navigate the world of content marketing and inbound marketing in general and how to covert online traffic into actual clients. Now, whenever I roll out a marketing campaign in my business to my clients, I also roll out an optimized online campaign that gets me new clients."

Dan Olexa: Founder of SWFL Hypnotherapy

“I've worked as an office manager for a long time but I've always wanted to start something of my own. The only problem was I didn't know how. I'd been writing a blog for a while but never put much thought into using it to build a platform or an online business. It was just something I did for fun. I knew deep down though that what I had to say would help people so I started looking for ways to transform my hobby into a business. This came with many mistakes. I joined a lot of programs on different parts of starting an online business, like a blogging course, a social media marketing program, a webinar on converting readers into subscribers, etc. I learned some things with these programs but I didn't learn how they all fit together. It wasn't until I joined the Entrepreneur's Escape Plan that I learned how to drive traffic to my website strategically and then turn readers into subscribers and then subscribers into clients. I learned the right sequences for publishing ebooks based on my blog articles, productizing my consulting services, and creating automated email campaigns for my product launches. My online business started to take off and - guess what - so did my day job. I was promoted to Managing Director while making money from my online business on the side. Things couldn't have gone better. I used to feel lost and completely unsure how to start. Now I'm highly organized and running an online business with actual paying clients, all without having to quit my day job. It's a rush and I'm grateful to be doing it."

Erin Laurvick: Managing Director at River Ridge Golf Resort and Founder of PUSH For Depth

Michael Ferrarella Review
Daren Peh Review

“For years, our goal was to get married and live in Thailand. We loved the idea of creating a mobile lifestyle with passive income that would allow us to travel the world and live out our dreams. The only problem was we had no idea where to start. Both Mike and I were working jobs we didn't really like and going to school. Our dreams were big but they weren't being expressed at all. We created a vision board together with a bunch of pictures of Thailand but that's about it. One day we couldn't take it anymore and decided to stop waiting. We joined the Entrepreneur's Escape Plan and jumped in headfirst. Let me tell you - things changed quickly. Within a few weeks we had a professional blog made up and using the program's techniques started getting hundreds of blog subscribers every week. We couldn't believe it. We quickly put together an online course and integrated it into our business ("in the right sequence" as Isaiah always says) and crushed our first product launch. Things meshed for Mike and I personally too. We ended up getting married shortly after our first product launch and then jumped on a plane to Thailand which is where we are now! If you've imagined running an online business and living the mobile lifestyle of your dreams, there's no better way to get there than through this program. Jump in headfirst!"

Mike and Susanna Marschhausen: Founders of Mike & Suzie Fitness

Be The First To know When The Entrepreneur's Escape Plan Opens Up For New Members

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