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Connection Contest – Win An iPad 4 Or iPad Mini With A Couple Of Mouse Clicks

Isaiah's Connection Contest
Connection is king.

One of my goals for 2013 is to radically expand the Enjoyment and Influence blog community. A lot of fans have been connecting with me and other readers through my Facebook and Twitter pages. I love this and want it to continue, but I also want to bring the party home. My goal is to engage as many people as possible through this blog directly, as well as through all forms of social media. Connecting with you fuels my creativity. Motivating you gives me energy. Many of the things I write about are inspired by messages that you and other readers have sent me. This is my way of thanking you.

Why You Can Win

The Connection Contest will run from Monday, February 4th, 8AM EST until Sunday, February 10th, 9PM EST. Currently, this blog gets a little over 2,000 unique visitors a week. Online contests with this level of following have a 1-10% engagement rate (for social media posts, the engagement rate drops to a 0.01-1% ). This means, if you participate, you could only be competing with 20 other people. And since the top 7 contestants get prizes, you have a great chance of winning. All you have to do to participate is click your mouse a couple of times.

What You Can Win

1st Place Grand Prize: iPad 4, 32 GB (black; delivered the same week)

2nd & 3rd Place: iPad mini, 16 GB (black; delivered the same week)

4th – 7th Place: $15 iTunes giftcard 

How You Can Win

Connecting is winning. All you have to do to win a prize is connect with me and other readers through social media and this blog. Every connection is worth a certain number of points. Every connection assist is worth a certain number of points. The key to winning the top prizes will be getting other people to connect. For example, you earn 30 points for email subscribing yourself AND you earn 30 points for everyone else you get to email subscribe. The person with the most points at 9PM EST next Sunday wins. If you’re already a connected fan, don’t worry, you get points for all of your past connections (scroll down to Tips And Ticks to learn more). Here are the full details for earning points:

30 Points – Email Subscribe (3 Mouse Clicks, Some Typing)

Subscribing with your email is the best way to stay connected. Simply type your email address in the Isaiah In Your Inbox plugin to the right and click the Join Us button. You will then receive an email from Mail Chimp asking you to confirm your subscription. Once you confirm, you get 30 points. Plus, you get fresh articles delivered to your inbox as soon as I’m done writing them. Your email address will never be shared and I will never send you spam. You also earn 30 points for everyone else you get to email subscribe.

Blog General Email Subscribe

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20 Points – RSS Subscribe (3 Mouse Clicks)

RSS means Rich Site Summary or Really Simple Syndication. It’s a family of web feed formats used to publish frequently updated works, like this blog. Email and RSS subscriptions are similar but the latter has fallen to the wayside over the last few years, which is why it’s worth fewer points. That being said, RSS subscriptions are still a great way to stay connected because they allow you to aggregate feeds from many sites into one place. This means you can use Apps like Google Reader to stay updated on new content from several different blogs at once. All you have to do is click on the little orange RSS button in the bottom left of the Isaiah In Your Inbox plugin. This will take you to a webpage called Feedburner. Simply click on any news reader button (I suggest Google Reader) and confirm. You earn 20 points for confirming your RSS subscription. You also earn 20 points for everyone else you get to RSS subscribe.

Blog General RSS

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15 Points – “Like” On Facebook (1 Mouse Click)

With over 750 million unique visitors a day, Facebook is still the world’s #1 social networking platform. All you have to do is click the “Like” button on the Facebook plugin to the right. Alternatively, you can click the “Like” button directly on my Facebook fan page here: Liking my Facebook page is a great way to stay inspired and stay connected. My page is updated 2-3 times a day with original content that you can read and comment on. You can also message me directly through Facebook’s private message feature. If you’re one of the few people on the planet who does not have a Facebook account yet, you will need to sign up first (it’s free). After clicking the “Like” button, you get 15 points. You also get 15 points for everyone else you get to click the “Like” button.

Blog General Facebook

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10 Points – Follow With Twitter (1 Mouse Click)

If Facebook is the King of social media, then Twitter is the rising Prince. Twitter now has over 250 million unique monthly visitors. To follow this blog on Twitter, simply click “Follow” on my Twitter profile: Following me on Twitter is another great way to stay inspired and stay connected. You can message me openly using Twitter’s @replies system. Simply type @isaiahhankel into a status update and it will notify me with what you have to say. You can also read and participate in my interactions with other bloggers, scientists, authors, and artists. My status is updated 4-5 times daily with original content. If you do not have a Twitter account yet, you’ll be prompted to create an account after you click the “Follow” button (it’s free and really fast). You get 10 points for following. You also get 10 points for everyone else you get to follow me.

Twitter Account

Twitter Sign Up







5 Points Each – YouTube Subscribe And Comment On Blog Videos (3 Mouse Clicks, Some Typing)

Videos speak louder than blogs. I’ve distilled down the core message of this blog into two videos titled, “Unload Your Gift” and “Live Like A Lion“. These YouTube videos have helped me reach new fans and share my message with people who do not have time to read blog articles. Google, who owns the 4th most popular social media platform Google+, recently bought YouTube. The best way to connect on YouTube is to subscribe to my profile and comment on my videos. You can get to my YouTube profile by Googling “Isaiah Hankel YouTube” or by clicking here: Isaiah On Youtube Then, just click the subscribe button and comment on both videos. If you have a Gmail, Google+, Orkut, Picasa, or Chrome account, you already have a YouTube account. If you don’t have any of these accounts, you’ll have to create an account (it’s free). You get 5 points for subscribing and another 5 points for each video that you comment on (15 points total). You will also get 5 points for everyone else you get to subscribe. I am currently editing footage for several new videos that will be posting them this spring. Subscribing ensures that you will see them first.

For this particular point grab, only your first comment will count, so make it a good one. Short comments like “nice video,” “great job,” or “this sucks” (while appreciated) will not count for this contest. The comment must be engaging, relating back to the material in the video in some way. For the “Unload Your Gift” video, I suggest sharing a particular gift or dream that you have. For the “Live Like A Lion” video, I suggest sharing a time when taking action helped you overcome a problem or achieve a goal. If you have writer’s block, just comment on your most or least favorite part of each video. And don’t forget to like or dislike each video too (located above the comment box). Please use your real name so I know who is earning points. You can use your first name only if you are uncomfortable using your full name.

YouTube SubscribeYouTube Video

YouTube Sign InCreate An Account

5 Points Each – Comment On Blog Articles (1 Mouse Click Each, Some Typing)

This point grab will separate the winners from the losers. You get 5 points for every engaging comment you post at the end of any blog article. Currently, there are over 70 articles posted on this blog. That means you can earn over 350 points just by commenting. You can only comment directly on each article once. However, you can earn points by replying to other people’s comments and by replying back to their replies on your comments. Again, short comments like “I agree,” “this is stupid,” or “thank you” will not count for this contest. And comments unrelated to the material presented in the post will not earn points. Only engaging comments related to the attached article count. Engaging is easy. All you have to do is write a few sentences about what you like or don’t like about the article. Share your point of view. Ask questions. Make suggestions. Tell me what I should write about next. Express your perspective.

To comment, open any article, scroll to the bottom (as you read), and leave a message in the comment box at the bottom. To fully open an article from the homepage, click on the blue article title or the blue More button at the end of the article preview. You can also scroll through the All Time or Current Hits tabs in the Most Popular box (located to the right) to find articles. Finally, you can find articles by category using the Topics plugin located underneath the Most Popular box. This blog uses a DISQUS plugin for commenting, which makes leaving messages very easy. Just click inside the Leave A Message box and sign in with your email address or with your Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ account. Then, type your message and click the Post button. To reply to other people’s messages, click the Reply button underneath their comments. You can also highlight messages you like by clicking the Star button. Again, when commenting, please use your real name so I know who is earning points. You can use your first name only if you are uncomfortable using your full name.

How To See Full Articles

Disqus Plugin

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Help Me Help You, Email Your Progress To:

My assistants and I will be counting points daily, but we need your help. Help us keep track of your progress by emailing your itemized point total to You don’t have to update us daily, just once or twice during the contest. And be sure to send us your final point total before Sunday night (9PM EST). This is mandatory. The most important items to include in your email are the names of the people you helped connect. This is the only way we can keep track of your connection assists. Be sure to include the names of those you helped email and RSS subscribe (along with their email addresses), YouTube subscribe, “Like” us on Facebook, and “Follow” us on Twitter. I will post the names of the point leaders to Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ a few times throughout the week.

Tips And Tricks

The key to winning the big prizes is getting other people to connect. For example, you get 15 points for liking this blog on Facebook, but you get an additional 15 points for everyone else you get to click the “Like” button. This can add up quick. Get 10 people to “Like” us on Facebook; earn 150 points. Get 20 people to “Like” us; earn 300 points. And so on. Just don’t forget to keep track of connection assists. You’ll need their names to get the points. Also, you can earn an enormous amount of points by commenting on blog articles in a way that inspires a discussion. The best way to do this is by expressing your point of view openly and honestly. Be vulnerable. Share an idea. Share a dream. Disagree with something. Suggest something. People will respond. I will respond. And the points will add up. Starting a few discussions at the end of a blog article could easily earn you another few hundred points. Finally, connected fans have already earned points. If you’ve email subscribed, liked this blog on Facebook, or connected in any of the other above ways in the past, you get the respective points. All you have to do is send an email to Be sure to include your name and a list of your connection activities. Also, please use the same email that you used to email subscribe.

Rules And Regulations

Play fair, win big. Winning is too easy to waste your time trying to beat the system. Creating fake Facebook or Twitter accounts, or using fake email addresses will result in immediate disqualification. We have several ways to ensure this won’t happen and will randomly perform integrity checks by requesting email and social media account verification. Also, don’t try to dispute points you didn’t earn. Unrecorded points don’t exist. Keep track of your connections and your connection assists. Keep track of your points. If we can’t find a record of a connection (email address, person’s name, comment location), and if you can’t produce a record, then you won’t get the points. I will do my part to get you the points you earned. The rest is up to you.

You must be at least 18 years old and live within the contiguous United States with a legal U.S. address to win. Failure to claim a prize within one week results in disqualification. No family members can win (sorry kin). Void where prohibited.

You Comment, Isaiah Responds