3 Steps To Align Your Lifestyle And Career

Published by: Isaiah Hankel

Topics :How To Enjoy LifeAchieving Your Goal

“It’s not about ideas. It’s about making ideas happen.” — Scott Belsky

“Choose a job that you like, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” — Confucius

“Everyone has an idea, but it’s really about executing the idea and attracting other people to help you with the idea.” — Jack Dorsey

“The big secret in life is that there is no big secret. Whatever your goal, you can get there if you’re willing to work.” — Oprah Winfrey

Do you have a career, or do you just have a job?

If you go to work everyday and just do what you’re told, you just have a job.

Maybe you hate that job.

Maybe you do just enough work so you don’t get fired.

Many people work at a job that makes them miserable just so that they have enough money to survive.

Obviously, this is not ideal.

Nobody wants to work at a job they hate.

So, why are so many people in this situation?

This is not going to get you to a place of success.

And, having a lackluster attitude of doing the bare minimum will seep into the other areas of your life.


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3 Ways You Should Be Comparing Yourself To Others

Published by: Isaiah Hankel

Topics :Emotional Intelligence

“A horse never runs so fast as when he has other horses to catch up and outpace.” — Ovid

“You have competition every day because you set such high standards for yourself that you have to go out every day and live up to that.” — Michael Jordan

“If you’re a true warrior, competition doesn’t scare you. It makes you better.” — Andrew Whitworth

“Every man in the world is better than someone else and not as good someone else.” — William Saroyan

You should be comparing yourself to others.

That’s right, should.

Now, this is the opposite of what a lot of people will tell you.

Lots of people will tell you that comparisons are bad.

They say you should never compare yourself to others.

But, why?

Because, comparison might make you feel bad about your life?

You might be filled with envy?

Become depressed?

These consequences are not a result of the comparison, but are a result of your perspective.

When done correctly, there’s a lot of value that can be gained by com...

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How To Stop Letting Your Emotions Dominate You And Dictate Your Life

Published by: Isaiah Hankel

Topics :Emotional Intelligence

“I don’t want to be at the mercy of my emotions. I want to use them, to enjoy them, and to dominate them.” Oscar Wilde

“When you react, you let others control you. When you respond, you are in control.” Bohdi Sanders

“Any person capable of angering you becomes your master.” Epictetus

“Our feelings are not there to be cast out or conquered. They’re there to be engaged and expressed with imagination and intelligence.” T.K. Coleman

“When awareness is brought to an emotion, power is brought to your life.” Tara Meyer Robson

If you’re not where you want to be in life, it’s your fault.

It’s your fault because you’re not in control of your emotions.

Take ownership of your life.

Take ownership of your situation.

Realize that you experience life through your emotions and that your emotions dictate what your life is like.

If you’re constantly frustrated, your life will be frustrating.

If you’re constantly worried, your life will be fearful and full of worry.


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Overwhelm Is Not The Cause Of Your Burn Out. You’re Just Bored.

Published by: Isaiah Hankel

Topics :How To FocusEmotional Intelligence

“One cannot enjoy doing the same thing at the same level for long. We grow either bored or frustrated; and then the desire to enjoy ourselves again pushes us to stretch our skills, or discover new opportunities for using them.” — Csikszentmihalyi

“Burnout is nature’s way of telling you, you’ve been going through the motions, your soul has departed; you’re a zombie, a member of the walking dead, a sleepwalker.” — Sam Keen

“Boredom is the root of all evil — the despairing refusal to be oneself.” — Soren Kierkegaard

You don’t actually know what burnout feels like.

Sure, maybe you feel tired at the end of the day, or don’t have the energy to go to the gym after work.

Maybe even getting out of bed is tough.

But, most likely, this lack of energy is not because you are burnt out.

Like most people, you are confused about what it means to be burnt out.

Everybody in society tells us that when you don’t have enough energy, it’s because you’re overwhelmed.

You’ve got too much to do.

Too many demands on your time.

Burnout = overwhelm.


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4 Ways To Be More Efficient And Effective For Increased Productivity

Published by: Isaiah Hankel

Topics :How To FocusEmotional Intelligence

“The way we measure productivity is flawed. People checking their BlackBerry over dinner is not the measure of productivity.”

Tim Ferriss (Author, The Four-Hour Work Week)

“Give me 6 hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first 4 sharpening the axe.”

Abraham Lincoln (American President)

“Efficiency is doing things right; effectiveness is doing the right things.”

Peter Drucker (American Businessman and Author, The Effective Executive)

Everyone wants to be more productive.

We’re all trying to work better, faster, and get more done.

The problem is that we’re constantly bombarded with more information and more distractions, which compromises productivity.

When it comes to productivity, there are 2 schools of thought.

One is that you need to be more efficient.

If you’re efficient, you can get things done faster, you can create efficient systems, and you can scale.

The other school of thought is that you need to be more effective.

You have to be selective in doing the right things, and doing them well.


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