Black Hole Focus

How intelligent people can create a powerful purpose for their lives

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Stop Existing and Start Living

It's not supernatural. It's simply science.

What People Are Saying

A.J. Jacobs

“Isaiah Hankel has written an absurdly motivating book. In fact, it’s so motivational, I was constantly tempted to put the book down and start getting things done using Hankel’s strategies. It was put-downable in the best possible way. But I always came back for more of Isaiah Hankel’s wisdom—and the wisdom he distills from Einstein, Ben Franklin and even The Shawshank Redemption.”

A.J. Jacobs: Author of Four New York Times Bestselling Books; Editor at Large, Esquire Magazine

“Isaiah demonstrates a powerful lesson, that we are all masters of our own destiny. His book provides practical and, more importantly, actionable advice on how to reach our most important goals while consistently achieving lifelong career and personal satisfaction.”

James Gould, PhD: Director; Harvard Medical School Office for Postdoctoral Fellows

James Gould
Lewis Howes

“Black Hole Focus is a wake up call for anyone who feels stuck, distracted, or lost in their own life. Isaiah lays out very actionable steps for taking control of your future and setting yourself up for certain victory. This will show you how to think like an entrepreneur and develop the mindset necessary for achieving your biggest dreams.”

Lewis Howes: World Record Holding Athlete, and Host of The School of Greatness


Black Hole Focus is a handbook for intelligent people looking for step-by-step guidance in creating a focus so powerful it will transform lives. Through personal (and sometimes embarrassing) stories, Dr. Isaiah Hankel breaks down the primary driver behind the actions of successful people: focus.

Divided into three parts, Black Hole Focus explains why you need a focus, how to create your focus, and what your newfound focus can do for you in the face of adversity.

In Black Hole Focus, you’ll also discover…

  • How to create powerful priorities that will keep you focused and eliminate even the worst distractions (like Facebook!).
  • The 6 ways to get 10,000 hours of experience in less than a year (chances are, you’re already using 2-3 of them).
  • What 3 skills you must learn for securing your future (skills that automation will never replace).

“There are many books dedicated to finding our “purpose” in life, but none that lay out the benefits, consequences and crucially *how* you actually find that purpose as clearly as Isaiah does. This book demonstrates a strong correlation between being aligned with our purpose and living longer. So, yes, this really is a matter of life or death.”

Shaa Wasmund: Founder of Smarta and Bestselling Author of Stop Talking, Start Doing

Shaa Wasmund
Elison Matioli

“Black Hole Focus reveals a concrete methodology for creating a powerful purpose through structured and comprehensive steps, wittily described in short and clear paragraphs, and sensibly illustrated with personal examples and case studies from several successful people. This book is a required reading for anyone committed to achieving greatness in life.”

Elison Matioli, PhD: Research Scientist at Massachusetts Institute of Technology

“Black Hole Focus is your road map to transformation in ways most have never even dared to dream. If you want to go from merely living a life to becoming the hero in your own adventure, start here. Hankel’s words jump off the page, swat you on the backside, pierce your heart, and take you on a ride into a magical journey of your own design! Brilliant in its brunt, dazzling in its denouement, triumphant in its precision, this is one of the most important books you will ever read.”

Dr. Gina Loudon: Bestselling Author and Syndicated Host of SmartLife

Dr. Gina Loudon
Michael 'Maverick' Chiesa

“In fighting and in life, focus is what separates winners from losers. Focus is what helped me win the UFC TUF Championship. Any successful mixed martial artist will tell you that seeing yourself as a champion is the first step to becoming a champion. You have to start with a vision. You have to start at the end. That’s why I love this book, because it tells you to start at the end and work backwards. Black Hole Focus is an amazing read because it helps people create a vision for their lives and then it shows them how to achieve their vision. The book makes you see yourself at the top of the podium and then it gives you a detailed training plan to help you get there. If you want to be a champion, buy this book. Black Hole Focus will show you how to win.”

Michael “Maverick” Chiesa: Mixed Martial Artist and UFC TUF Champion


Isaiah Hankel is a Fortune 500 consultant, international speaker, and author. He is the Founder and CEO of Cheeky Scientist and is on the board of directors of a numerous tech and biotech companies. His expertise, presentations, and writing focus on helping individuals, teams, and organizations transition into novel, fast-paced, markets. Isaiah combines a scientific approach with a tangible methodology to create a system any individual or company can use to adapt to today’s innovative marketplace.

As a PhD in Anatomy and Cell Biology, Isaiah has worked as a consultant for and spoken in front of leading corporations, including Amgen, GlaxoSmithKline, Pfizer, Roche, and Genentech. He has also presented at many of the world’s premier academic institutions, including Harvard University, Stanford University, Oxford University, Cambridge University, The Pasteur Institute, and The Curie Institute.

“Be careful if you read this book. Through interesting stories, compelling case studies and his own inspiring journey, Hankel demolishes your excuses and lays out a plan to identify and fulfill your life’s purpose.”

Clay Hebert: Founder of Crowdfunding Hacks and Spindows; The Mastermind Behind Over 35 Successful Kickstarters

Clay Hebert
Jacqueline Biggs

“A brilliantly written step-by-step process to help you learn what you really want in life and exactly how to get it. Read this book if you want to get focused, find your purpose and change your life.”

Jacqueline Biggs: Author; International Bestseller of Marketing to Win

“As a memory champion, I realize just how important it is to harness your mental energy and focus it in a way that helps you to achieve your goals. I’m very impressed with Black Hole Focus and strongly believe that it can help you learn to harness your mental energy and focus it like a laser in order to achieve incredible success in business and personal endeavors.”

Chester Santos: US Memory Champion; “The International Man of Memory”

Chester Santos
Joh Graney

“In Black Hole Focus, Isaiah provides you with the step-by-step process to unlocking your greatness. Isaiah sets out in simple steps what needs to be done. He walks his talk. He lives his purpose and lives a life most people would envy. He proves that anyone, from anywhere, can be truly successful no matter what their past or where they began. He gives you the tools to experience life to its fullest by discovering your true potential, uncovering your passion and igniting the desire to make a difference to the world. As you read this book, take note of Isaiah’s advice, trust the process and immediately follow his directions at the end of each chapter. Then be ready for the miraculous transformation that happens in your life.”

Joh Graney: Managing Director of Joh Graney Leadership Systems and Author of Painting the Dream

“Black Hole Focus is incredibly powerful. Isaiah magically combines personal stories, case studies, and scientific data to create an compelling and life-changing book. Isaiah is so open and so vulnerable that you can’t help but feel a sense of security, trust, and inspiration all at once as you read. I’ve never read a book that so clearly defined how to make a lasting change in your life. This book will knock you right out of your chair—you’ll be sucked into a new way of thinking and a new way of living. Black Hole Focus is intellectual, entertaining, and personal. It’s the kind of book that you wait your whole life to read.”

Melis Zararsız: International Film Critic and Managing Editor of

Melis Zararsız
Craig Morantz

“Black Hole Focus cuts to the chase while delivering huge value. Nailing your passion is not a nice to have, it’s a must have and Isaiah helps you find and leverage it.”

Craig Morantz: Co-Founder and COO of Shifthub; Investor and Marketing Advisor at CrowdCare Corporation