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Focus, Create And Grow Your Way To Intelligent Achievement

Dr. Isaiah Hankel PhD | Isaiah Hankel | Create Confidence and Focus In Your Life

I’m Isaiah Hankel.


My goal is to help you get everything you’ve ever wanted without giving up anything good to get it. Sound impossible?


With a strong focus and a detailed plan, anything is possible.


Let me tell you something that most people would never admit online–I’m not amazing. I’m just a guy. But, I’ve been able to do some pretty amazing things and meet some pretty amazing people because of one simple thing, my focus.


I wasn’t always focused. In fact, I was diagnosed with ADD and ADHD several times growing up. I struggled in college and barely made it into graduate school, where I was put onto academic probation after my first year. I didn’t come from much either. I grew up in rural Idaho and worked on a sheep farm. To get by in graduate school, I slept in a friend’s basement and secretly work as a janitor.


Learning how to focus my life changed everything. Less than three years after becoming a doctor, I formed three successful, multinational businesses and started managing a multimillion dollar product line. I became a prolific public speaker and traveled the world over and over again, giving more than 300 seminars in over 30 different countries.  I also published a bestselling book, Black Hole Focus, and broke the Facebook World Record for the most shared post ever.


Let’s get clear on what it means to be focused.


By focus, I don’t mean the ability to sit still, be quiet, and do what you’re told. I mean the ability to escape the negative people and useless activities that are holding you back. I mean attracting positive and like-minded people, building strong relationships, and traveling the world while creating tons of purpose-driven income. I mean being rich and mobile and living a fun, free, and full life.


Anything is possible when you have a strong focus and a detailed plan.


Live like a lion,

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Professional Bio

Isaiah Hankel is an internationally recognized speaker and author who helps individuals, teams and organizations develop a more entrepreneurial mindset to accelerate their business success.


Isaiah’s unique background allows him to offer a scientific approach and tangible methodology to the pursuit of purpose, focus and other entrepreneurial values that every individual and even the largest company can apply.


Isaiah is a Doctor of Anatomy and Cell Biology and has worked extensively as a Fortune 500 consultant in the biotechnology industry and with some of the world’s leading corporations, including Amgen, GlaxoSmithKline, Pfizer, Roche and Genentech. He has also presented at many of the world’s premier academic institutions, including Harvard University, Stanford University, Oxford University, Cambridge University, The Pasteur Institute and The Curie Institute.


Long before getting his doctorate, Isaiah was a sheep farmer in rural Idaho who struggled in school and was diagnosed repeatedly with ADD and ADHD. He survived college and barely made it into graduate school where he was quickly put on academic probation and forced to work as a janitor and sleep in a friend’s basement to make ends meet. Just a few years later, Isaiah formed three successful, multinational businesses and published his book, Black Hole Focus. 


The system Isaiah used to go from being an ADD-diagnosed sheep farmer to a being a successful entrepreneur, author, and business coach is carefully laid out in each his presentations. Isaiah mixes science, strategy, and entertaining personal stories to empower his audiences while providing an incredible sequence of actionable takeaways that members can immediately use to improve their organization’s overall performance.


Isaiah’s clear and personal presentation style is laced with boundless energy and huge passion; any time spent with him will help to unlock the entrepreneurial mindset that you and your business need to be successful this year and beyond.