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7 Tips To Turn Your Dream Life Into Reality By Starting A Lifestyle Business

Starting a lifestyle business | Dr. Isaiah Hankel | turning dreams into reality
“All men dream, but not equally. Those who dream by night in the dusty recesses of their minds wake up in the day to find it was vanity, but the dreamers of the day are dangerous men, for they may act their dreams with open eyes, to make it possible.”  

T.E. Lawrence (British Archaeologist & Officer, Known As “Lawrence of Arabia) 

“Perhaps when we find ourselves wanting everything, it is because we are dangerously close to wanting nothing.” 

Sylvia Plath (Poet & Author, The Bell Jar)

“If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you.” 

Michael Jordan (6X NBA Champion and 6X Finals MVP)


Your presentation made me want to throw my computer out of the window.

Your pictures are wrong.

The descriptions of your pictures are wrong.

The font of your titles is wrong.

Everything is wrong.

This is how my meeting with my new boss started.

Not good.

I had recently taken a new job all the way in Germany and was put in charge of a big project.

I was in charge of the project but I wasn’t really in charge.

I still had several bosses.

It was the illusion of authority. 

Now I was eating loads of crap because my boss was having a bad day and wanted to take it out on me and my presentation.

He went on and on and I just sat there and swallowed it.

Then I started daydreaming.

My boss’s mouth kept running but all I heard was muffled sounds getting quieter and quieter.

I looked out the window and my mind drifted to all the other things I could be doing.

I started fantasizing about what it would be like to be my own boss and to never again have to sit in another stupid meeting about PowerPoint font sizes.

Fantasizing felt like a silent victory.

At least I could zone out when I was getting yelled at.

But really it was still a loss and I was still the loser.

Fantasies aren’t wins. They’re just fantasies.

I always thought my fantasies would magically turn into a reality.

That didn’t happen.

Instead, my fantasies turned into regret.

You Regret Foolish Inactions More Than Foolish Actions 

A false understanding of regret will keep you miserable in your career and life.

Try this…

Imagine you were considering investing in Facebook a few years ago but decided against it and recently found out you would have been better off by $1,000 had you invested.

Now imagine you had already invested in Facebook but decided to move your investments to Twitter last year. You just found out you would have been better off by $1,000 had you kept your original investment.

Which error do you regret more?

Even though you’re out $1,000 in either scenario, experiments published in Scientific American show that 90% of the population expects to feel more regret when they foolishly change investments (scenario two) than when they foolishly fail to invest (scenario one).

This is because most people think they will regret foolish actions more than foolish inactions.

The problem is that 90% of people are wrong.

Other studies published in Psychological Review show that most people actually regret not having done things much more than they regret the things they have done, such as not going to college, not seizing business opportunities, and not developing their skills.

why start a business | Dr. Isaiah Hankel | living without regrets

7 Keys To Turning Your Dream Life Into A Focused Business

One of the biggest regrets people have in life is never creating something of their own.

Instead, most people stay trapped in the needy, dependent little boxes others put them in.

These people wake up every day to help others build their dreams while their own dreams slowly fade away.

The only way to avoid this fate is to start something new.

Whether it’s a project, business, nonprofit, club, or hobby—you must start it now.

The timing will never be right.

You’ll always be too tired.

Your boss will always be unhappy with you.

Your kids will always be too young or too dependent on you.

Your friends and family will always need more of your time.

But what about you? 

What about your happiness?

What about your success? Your legacy?

Do you really want to spend the rest of your life listening to someone else tell you what to do?

Building something of your own has never been easier.

Starting a business, nonprofit, or any kind of project used to require a bank loan and building lease.

Now all it requires is an Internet connection and an idea.

You can begin building something of your own right now, all you have to do is decide.

Here are 7 things that will help you turn your fantasy for a better life into a focused lifestyle business…

1. Declare war on sacred cows. 

Most people today are living outdated lives and working in outdated businesses.

They grew up watching TV shows of someone going to work at an office at 9AM, working with a boss he or she hates, and getting home at 5PM to sit on a couch.

Now, these people have grown up and are fighting to keep their 9-5 jobs because they falsely think that’s what will make them successful. 

They’ve been trained to do meaningless work with people they don’t like, so that’s what they do.

Life isn’t supposed to be meaningless or miserable.

You don’t have to graduate college, get a job, and put up with a negative boss for 40 years until you die.

Thanks to the Internet, the increased flow of information, and the connection economy, you can start any business or project, any time, without any risk.

The only obstacle standing in your way is you.

Your ancient thinking is holding you back, not your circumstances.

You think you need a steady office job to survive. You think you need a steady office job to be important.

Worse—you think you can’t do anything else besides your steady office job.

The truth is you can do whatever you want, whenever you want.

You can start a business or any type of personal project right now with, again, nothing more than an Internet connection and an idea.

If you want to stop being trapped in your own life, you need to develop a healthy hatred for the status quo.

You must decide to do battle with the outdated lifestyle and career that is plaguing your life right now.

You can either go against the grain and change your life, or tip toe closer and closer toward your deathbed where you will die in regret.

The choice is yours to make. 

2. Forget your past successes. 

Success is your biggest liability.

You might think that all your little past victories will help you change your life.

You might think your past big wins will help you create more big wins.

You’re wrong.

The fact that you got a great job right after college, were voted most likely to succeed in high school, or graduated kindergarten magnum cum laude means nothing to the present moment.

You probably felt pretty good about yourself when you first got your current job, or when you first got into your current relationships.

But now…

Your job and relationships are suffocating you.

Things are different now and you need to act accordingly.

What’s worked for you in the past will not work for you now. What got you here will not get you to where you want to go.

The only way to turn your fuzzy dreams into a concrete reality is to start failing.

You need to fail forward and fail first-hand.

Don’t rely on knowledge form the past and theories about what might happen if you start building something of your own.

Don’t rest on your laurels.


Start taking action right now.

Take your life into your own hands and start moving forward.

3. Build a home base. 

The very first step for anyone who wants to start business or any project of their own is to build a home base.

This home base should be a location online where people can find you easily.

It’s also a place for you to invest in yourself.

Up until now, you’ve been investing all your time, money, and resources into other people and their dreams.

Not anymore.  This ends now.

You need to either create a website, a Facebook fan page, a LinkedIn company page, an Etsy page, or some other kind of professional page where you can start building a professional presence.

You don’t need any special knowledge to create your own site.

Websites can be made very easily and very cheaply (or for free) on sites like Square Space, Weebly, Wix, or WordPress. 

You don’t need to quit your day job to create your own site.

Most top entrepreneurs and business professionals create their first startup projects while working at other jobs.

A large cross-national study reported by Global Entrepreneurship Monitor found that 80% of people who implement startups do so while holding outside paid jobs.

You are free to start building your dreams right now. You don’t need permission from your boss or anyone else. 

4. Be the only one doing what you do. 

Pick a highly specific niche and create a strong presence around it.

Most people secretly dream of starting their own business or building their own platform but never do anything about it.

They want to start but they get too overloaded with ideas. Or, they get swamped in all the competition they think they see.

As a result… 

They drown in a sea of possibilities.

The best way to overcome these feelings of overwhelm is to focus intensely on the one or two things you are best at and love doing.

Are you a great teacher?

Are you a great listener?

Are you married with kids, a single parent, a movie buff, a pet-lover, a writer, an avid reader, an Eagle Scout, a surfer, or a chess master?

Have you worked for a large corporation, a small company, a landscaping company, a babysitting company, a restaurant, a hotel chain, or a school?

Any one of these seemingly normal things can be leveraged to start building your platform.

The key is to combine your experiences and passions in a unique and exciting way.

You could be a water sport athlete with extensive experience in risk management and entrepreneurship.

You could be a financial trader who loves to write and teach.

You could be a frequent traveler who loves burritos.

People have built successful platforms and businesses in each of these above areas.

The more unique the combination, the more potential there is for success.

Your end goal is to be the only person doing what you’re doing.

In other words…

What you have to offer should stand alone.

Of course, there must be a need for what you’re offering.

There must be other travelers who love reading about and eating burritos from around the world, or other entrepreneurs who need help managing their risk.

Don’t try to be everything to everyone and don’t let yourself get lost in possibilities.


Find a razor thin niche, exploit it, and grow out from there. 

5. Create content until your fingers bleed. 

No matter what job you currently have, creating content is the most important thing you can do to make it successful.

In today’s economy, attention is more valuable than money.

In fact it’s more valuable than any other resource on the planet, even medicine.

For example…

Beckman Coulter, one of the largest medical and research device manufactures in the world, was recently sold for 6.8 billion dollars.

WhatsApp, a text-messaging App, was recently sold to Facebook for 19 billion dollars.

Attention is powerful.

You and your business can build and offer the best product or service in the world, but if nobody knows about it, your chances of success are zero.

The best way to get attention on whatever it is you’re offering is to start writing about what you’re offering.

Start teaching people about what you’re offering.

Teach them WHY they need what you’re offering.

Teaching is the new advertising.

You can cry and whine about not being a writer all day, but nothing will save you from needing to write to build a following.

This is especially true when you’re first starting out.

Content marketing and other forms of inbound marketing are critical to gaining traction in any industry when you don’t have a large budget.

If you truly hate writing, buy some good dictation software.

Or, create videos instead. (Though you’ll probably want to write out your scripts beforehand.)

Either way, you need to start creating quality content and sharing it with others.

6. Get your very own raving fan.

After you’ve built up a strong library of content, you need to focus on sharing it with other people.

If creating content is the most important thing you can do to get your business or project off of the ground, the second most important thing is connecting with other people.

Too many individuals start a business online and focus all of their attention on creating content.

They write an article or create a cute little video, post it online, and then sit back and wait for a bunch of raving fans to come rushing in.

This doesn’t happen.

You are going to have to scratch and claw your way to getting your first few followers.

You’re going to have to reach out to people one-on-one and follow-up with anyone who so much as clicks the “like” button on your article, website, of fan page.


You’re going to have to follow up over and over again, providing incredible value day in and day out until, finally, one day, someone decides to trust you.

Only then will you be able to exchange value for value.

Only then will you be able to make a sale.

Getting your first client is a lot of hard work but it is entirely worth it.

Nothing compares to the feeling of someone exchanging value with you because they respect and trust what you yourself are offering.

There’s a reason why people frame the first dollar bill their business’s make.

The joy of getting your first raving fan is the reason.

Don’t put off getting your first client.

Until you get your first client, your business is just a hobby.

7. Ignore other people’s stupid questions.

Once you find a project or business you’re passionate about, you’ll start to spend a lot of time building it.

Most other people won’t understand this.

Because what you’re doing is not making a lot of money right away, these people will ask you snide questions like…

“How do you even plan on making any money doing this?”

“Why don’t you just put all of this energy into your current job?”

“Don’t you think it’s a little selfish to spend so much time away from your family and friends?”

Let these questions go in one ear and out the other.

Don’t waste a minute of your time trying to explain yourself, goals, or business to anyone.

Even if you explained your plans perfectly, these people wouldn’t understand.

Let other people continue to have hazy dreams for a better life.

Let them continue to chase their undefined oases of more riches, success, and happiness.

You have real work to do.

The key to turning your dream life into reality is to make a decision to stop living the way you are now. You must decide to turn your back on the status quo, to forget your past successes, and to march forward toward your own clearly defined vision. Make sure that you identify what you are uniquely good at so you can create an offering that no one but you could create. Ignore people’s stupid questions along the way while connecting with everyone who engages with your content and your business until you start getting your very own raving fans.

To learn more about building something of your own and to get instant access to exclusive training videos, case studies, insider documents, and my private online network, get on the Escape Plan wait list.


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  • Philip Joy

    The thought at the start of the article by Michael Jordan hit my mind, “If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you.” So we have to stop daydreaming and start taking appropriate action from now. Fantasizing felt like a silent victory, but eventually it will lead you to regret. Great tips and explanation about how to stop daydreaming and take control of your life. I am bookmarking this article and will read it again and again whenever I’ll get them and try to adapt those things in my life.

    • http://isaiahhankel.com/ Dr. Isaiah Hankel

      Thanks for reading and commenting, Philip. Glad the article resonated.

  • Mark

    Feeling like being poured with energy and motivation. But I know it’ll pass away and will be in total vain if I don’t act now. So I’ve decided to make a blog on surfing,In which I’m terribly interested . Wish me luck.

  • Joseph Gill

    Great “reality-check” article for those who is waiting for the right time. But as stated above right time will never come. So you have to start something right away and don’t look back.

    • http://isaiahhankel.com/ Dr. Isaiah Hankel

      Exactly, Joseph. Use the resources and opportunities you have available to you at the present time and more will come your way as you progress. thanks for commenting.

  • Rosie Bennet

    Feeling like being poured with energy and motivation. But I know it’ll pass away and will be in total vain if I don’t act now. So I’ve decided to make a blog on surfing,In which I’m terribly interested . Wish me luck.

    • http://isaiahhankel.com/ Dr. Isaiah Hankel

      Your instinct to act before getting demotivated is on point, Rosie. Action will keep you motivated. Don’t look back. You’ve got this.

  • Zooey

    All the time I feel being stuck in my life, and behavior of the people around me remind me of that every time. Your tips help to me convert my idea into reality, I wanna start to make homemade soap and sell them online as well as locally. Now I get proper direction for how to start it and maintain it properly. And I really wanna thank you and your blog for that. Will get back here in a month to share the result of my business.

    • http://isaiahhankel.com/ Dr. Isaiah Hankel

      Zooey! I love hearing this. Thank you for commenting and yes, do check back in a month.

  • Matt L

    One of my friends showed me this article of yours and shared an idea with me to create an online local shop to sell all the home made items created by the local people. This way we can also build a platform that help local communities to sell their homemade product at a fair price and easily, also help us to quit our 9 to 5 mediocre jobs and achieve our dreams. We will going to start the project from this weekend and will follow your instructions.

    • http://isaiahhankel.com/ Dr. Isaiah Hankel

      Love it, Matt. I especially like that you’re building a supportive community of like-minded people in the process.

  • Roy Gray

    I completely agree with you on “Inactions regret more”, Doc. Because I’ve been through that. I had an idea about a website, but somehow I thought that it won’t keep a pace. So I moved on ignoring that idea. But today someone’s having that website based on an idea I had, and It is pretty successful today.So I have that regret till today, but no worries, I have another idea, and I will implement it, without thinking about the outcome. Thanks for the motivation, Doc.

    • http://isaiahhankel.com/ Dr. Isaiah Hankel

      Thank you for sharing your experience, Roy.

  • Adam Wood

    I’m developing a website now, for that I’ve hired a couple of developers, But it’s not on a niche topic. But I’m gonna put new content regularly. They say website visibility will improve as long as you post new and unique content. What do you say Dr. Hankel, Should I continue or wait for a unique idea? By the way, Thanks for the article.

    • http://isaiahhankel.com/ Dr. Isaiah Hankel

      That’s a strong start, Adam. Your website will be more
      visible, but it won’t convert viewers into followers if your content doesn’t
      speak to them in a way that matters. Your topic doesn’t have to be niche, but
      try to have a unique spin or a voice that stands out form the rest.

  • Arya

    I just loved 5th line, “Create content until your fingers bleed.” Content is the king in today’s world. And to gain attention of others you have to create a lot of unique content. And after that you need to share it with people and tell them why they need this product and why it is best in the market. “Teaching is the new advertising.” Amazing line saying all the things itself. Bookmarking this article so I can read it again and get motivated.

  • Isac J

    I really enjoyed reading this article. If any person will think about it seriously and follow these rules, No one can stop you from becoming successful. I have similar thoughts as yours on 4th point. Many people drown in a sea of possibility and confused. Instead, pick any unique and specific niche that you love to do. So that you can beat the competition easily and reach to the top easily for that niche. Just don’t try to do everything at once, you’ll be lost in the possibilities.

  • Putri

    I remember when I started my food blog with my ongoing job, my dad told me “Why don’t you focus on your job and trying to get promoted there.” At that time I thought that I will reply him with my work. And now I quit my job 6 months ago and full time blogger. And I am earning almost twice compare to my salary now. I regularly follow your blog and it inspire me to do something new, I become emotionally intelligent and confident by it. Now I am able to ignore negative people from my life. BTW, I am also going to start podcasting from next week on my blog. Love from Malaysia 🙂

  • Jennifer Hill

    Hi, I’m a housewife,But I’m very good at cooking. So 6 months ago, my friend suggested me that, I should start a blog about recipes. This Idea hit me, And I started my blog. Today my blog has 5K monthly visitors. I know it’s less compared to many other blogs, but I am sure this will improve with time. So Do as Dr.Hankel says here, start a blog or a website,and start creating content. You have nothing to lose.